lorient. Some students are already in school

It is 11 am on Tuesday, August 23, 2022 and the Bois-du-Château primary school in Lorient (Morbihan) is far from empty. Some classrooms are crowded and the hallways echo with children’s voices.

To help students better understand their return to school, the school has been organizing three week-long programs for all levels since Monday, August 22, 2022: springboard courses, success courses and the learning holiday system.

Check out the basics while having fun

Today we are going to see numbers greater than 10,000 . to write​”, Catherine Gestin, director of the school, tells the fifteen children before her. Concentrated and wise, the latter energetically lift their slate. In a few days everything will return to CM2. Aisha is ” satisfied to go to school a little earlier than the others:My favorite things are math and French‘ confides the little girl shyly.

These students participate in the learning holiday scheme, this year exclusively reserved for CM1. The target ? Slowly back in the school pool. The mornings are reservedrevision Fundamentals in Mathematics and Frenchthe director notes.

The afternoons are devoted to sports activities, carried out in collaboration with the Lorient Athlétisme Club. “This year it is a throw, run and shot put​”, says Catherine Gestin.

So-called success courses are organized for students from CP to CE2. The goal is similar,back to work​”. They only take place in the morning. On the program, games and learning in small groups.

A benevolent recovery

It’s a benevolent recoveryemphasizes the director, a way to reconnect with students​”, after a long vacation. These courses are offered by tutors but are open to everyone. They are mainly carried out on a voluntary basis. Nine teachers supervise the students on a voluntary basis. Important initiatives, especially in this priority areas ​” and they have been proven.

The volunteer pedagogical staff who supervise the three systems of the Bois-du-Château school in Lorient (Morbihan). Central is Catherine Gestin, the director. | WEST FRANCE

“A very positive result”

Solenn Denis is a teacher at the Jacques-Prévert kindergarten. For the past four years she has participated in ‘springboard’ courses. So she takes some of her senior students to their future school for four days so they can appropriate their new space and meet their teachers. ” We also reactivate their knowledge in Mathematics and French in a playful way​”, the teacher insists and takes a tender look at the six children she is accompanying. Two by two they have fun counting with cards. The “springboard” course, Solenn Denis is very satisfied with it and signs”a very good record​. O n received very positive feedback from their CP teachers afterwards ‘ she notes. And, in particular, “the children love to come.”

Devices that satisfy young and old: “ It’s good for the kids and for us​”, laughs a mother who is expecting her child after school for the lunch break.

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