GhostMarket, the platform that aims to revolutionize NFT trading

The NFT industry exploded last year, reaching a valuation of nearly $44 billion according to data from blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis. In addition, it is one of the sectors least affected by the recent market correction. Which suggests that the NFT craze is not about to end. To support this dynamic, GhostMarket, NFT’s trading platform, now offers very attractive reward packages. The aim is to enable traders to maximize their profits from a long term development perspective.

What is Ghost Market?

GhostMarket is a marketplace dedicated to buying and selling NFTs. This is the first platform cross necklace in the world to provide this type of service. Specifically, it provides a complete and customized trading experience for different types of NFT regardless of their platform of origin. It currently supports BNB Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Phantasma Chain and NEO N3. In the medium term, it envisions a full integration of Ethereum and Solana and, in the long term, all other blockchain networks adapted to NFT technology.

GhostMarket – NFT Auctions

GhostMarket is for artists who want to monetize their works, either at a fixed price or at auction. At the same time, it is aimed at traders and collectors who want to buy and sell NFTs. For this, the system provides an overview of existing lists on different platforms. In addition, the startup provides developers with an API that allows them to interact with smart contracts to create and retrieve NFTs that are compatible with its architecture.

What benefits does GhostMarket offer?

The marketplace offers a particularly interesting set of tools to simplify the discovery of the universe of NFTs. In particular, it provides a function of self-mining that allows you to quickly and intuitively create and display NFTs. It also allows you to define certain parameters such as the percentage of royalties or attributes.

GhostMarket also makes it possible to create user accounts for multiple channels. It also has a feed explorer. It allows to visualize the different events of the ecosystem, from the issue to the burn from NFT to transaction history and listing calendar.

The platform is intended to be fully not seeking deprivation of liberty. In other words, it does not store users’ private keys. This guarantees a higher level of security.

GhostMarket – Humswap Bowl NFT Collection

The GhostMarket (GM) Token and its Benefits

GhostMarket (GM) is also the name given to the governance token that powers the platform. It rewards the most active users every week. For example, GM token holders can participate in voting and air drops exclusive. They can also benefit from lower transaction costs. In addition, GM tokens are also used to promote NFT collections and receive bounties for community moderation.

Note that the GM token is operational on all networks integrated in the marketplace. The company has a bridge to enable the transfer of tokens to and from all blockchains.

GhostMarket – Top NFT Collections from the Last 7 Days

In addition, the GhostMarket token is already listed on several exchanges. These include: Flamingo.Finance, MEXC Global, PancakeSwap, QuickSwap, Demex, Uniswap, and Trader Joe XYZ. That said, it is possible to track its evolution on certain price aggregation sites such as CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Speaking of which, the maximum supply is set at 100 million tokens, of which more than 23.5 million are already in circulation. Nevertheless, its market cap is estimated at around $900 thousand at the time of writing.

What is the GhostMarket Incentive Program?

Last July, GhostMarket launched a trade incentive program. The company plans to distribute 6.5 million tokens through various compensation campaigns. Nearly half of the premiums will have been awarded in October. In reality, users are paid in proportion to their activity (purchase/sale) on each network. Of course, this only concerns the blockchains that are supported by the platform.

GhostMarket – Top Users of the Week

The relevant incentive program follows the distribution scheme below:

  • 18/07/22 – 17/10/22: 3 million GM (33,333 tokens/day)
  • 18/10/22 – 01/17/23: 2 million GM (22,222 tokens/day)
  • 18/01/23 – 17/04/23: 1 million GM (11,111 tokens/day)
  • 18-04-23 – 18-07-23: 500,000 GM (5,555 tokens/day)

Today GhostMarket already offers a relatively comprehensive service around NFT trading. However, the company does not want to stop there. She recently launched two offers from turn of. The first, which corresponds to turn of liquidity, is already available on the decentralized exchanges PancakeSwap, QuickSwap and Trader Joe XYZ. The second is to lock GM tokens on the platform. It will be available at the end of this month. It should also be noted that the team behind the project is very dynamic. Especially on the social networks where she listens to her community and responds to each of the questions asked.

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