EMD Business School, a school for learning ethical management

“Managing is serving” is the motto of EMD Business School, a management school in Marseille that trains ethical and innovative executives. From the fourth year, the students learn about their future profession in a work-based manner.

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The new generation of managers wants to put people at the center of the company again. The EMD Business School has understood this well and offers courses that meet the needs of companies as well as the expectations of students, looking for meaning and well-being at work.

The school was founded in 2004 by business leaders and offers work-study training from bac +4 in three different specialisms.

First, “Business Development” trains business developers, key account managers and technical sales executives. In particular, they will be able to develop a commercial strategy, manage sales teams, propose an action plan and develop the client portfolio.

The specialty “Corporate Finance and Management Control” focuses on the positions of financial managers or management controllers in SMEs, ETIs or large companies. At the end of their education, students are able to manage the economic performance of the company by deploying analysis, optimization and decision-making tools.

Finally, the specialism “Marketing and communication” leads to positions such as marketing and/or communication director, brand manager, product manager or web editor. “They need to be able to quickly implement a strategy to optimize the company’s reputation and commercial performance,” said Jean-Pascal Mégret-Renner, director of the EMD Business School.

Building an ethical and fair business world

These three different programs have a common core: a strong entrepreneurial culture, management ethics, management in a benevolent and considerate spirit. “This educational corner sets us apart from other schools. Young people today want to give meaning to their work in order to be fully engaged. At EMD, we are training the next generation of managers who will build a fairer business world while being perfectly attuned to new technologies.”

Quality Shifts

If the search for a training company is often an obstacle course, the EMD makes every effort to ensure that the student finds the company that suits him best.

“We want 90% of the chosen variety,” the director assures. This presupposes a selection of qualitative alternations, in line with the excellence of the course. To this end, we use strong and sustainable ties with companies. We advise them on the types of work-study programs we can offer and share with them our ethical vision of the world of work and the career development of future graduates in companies”.

Unveil the potential of every student

Finally, the EHR emphasizes a quality faculty, made up of expert executives and players in their fields, and programs adapted to the needs of companies. “I meet about five business leaders every day to keep abreast of the labor market and new emerging professions,” continues Jean-Pascal Mégret-Renner. Some of our courses have been developed completely differently, for example in reverse pedagogy, in order to stick to the practice in companies. We must constantly understand the movements of transformation of the professional environment”.

The human dimension of the school allows for a personalized follow-up of the pupils. “Every working student is followed throughout his education. Every three months we check with their business managers whether they are making progress in their skills, even if it means changing jobs during the year. We demand a fairly rapid progression of their responsibilities. Within the school we have set up guidance actions by the members of the teaching team to reveal the potential of each, to guide the students on their inner journey. Everyone should be able to find their professional calling.”

Do you want to participate in EMD Business School? Find all information about the entrance exam here.

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