Educated in street school, Belgian magician crowned world champion

A ball of paper that comes to life, spins and can be tamed: it is the poetic trick that led the Belgian Laurent Piron to become world champion of magic in Quebec at the end of July, an art learned on the street .

A month later, his diary is full of invitations around the world thanks to this song that has been worked on for several years by this follower of “New Magic”, who wants to be a storyteller and a maker of emotions. Far from the grand illusions of showbiz.

On July 30, the creator of “Paper Ball”, an eight-minute song, in competition with a hundred of his colleagues, won the 1st prize in the general magic category and the main prize of this world championship that every three years, the highest reward.

“Many old magicians came to me after my performance to tell me that they had returned to their childhood and forgotten the techniques. That’s what we wanted with this ball of paper. We don’t care about special effects, the goal is magical emotion” , confides to Laurent Piron in his studio in Soumagne, near Liège (East Belgium).

On his return to Belgium, he discovers on his phone a congratulatory message from the star of world magic, David Copperfield, the American who went through the Great Wall of China and made the Statue of Liberty disappear.

– Copperfield “blown away” –

“He loved it, I hope we meet. Even when he does great shows, he is a true lover of magic. He remains the undisputed master, he knows all the tricks, the tricks. We managed to hit him with this song bluff”, delights the 35-year-old illusionist, who looks like a young man, in a cap and sneakers.

Educated in street school, Belgian magician crowned world champion

The son of a sound engineer in the world of entertainment and a handyman from an early age, Laurent Piron started playing magic at the age of 18 and learned his first tricks with a friend.

They gave small shows together until he left for Vancouver, Canada at the age of 22, where he met street magicians.

“The street has given me knowledge of the profession and the relationship with the public. If the public doesn’t like you, then it moves on. You have to have enough energy, shouts, jokes, catch the eye. The street taught me how to can develop my character to attract the audience. Then I mixed myself in the theater”.

After several years of “following the sun” hat in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and summers in Europe, the magician returns to Belgium in search of a stronger bond with the theatre.

“I’ve always loved theatrical magic, a narrative that will bring images, not just glitter boxes or a rabbit out of a hat, and then I discovered + New Magic +”. Seduced by this movement that uses illusion with other forms of art to create a new language, he trained in France at the National Center for Circus Arts (CNAC) in 2015.

Educated in street school, Belgian magician crowned world champion

“Magic then becomes pure entertainment and we lose the balance of power between the magician and his audience”, explains Laurent Piron, for his creations associated with a director and a playwright within the company “Alogic”.

He hopes that this new trend will re-evaluate the magic, the “bad relationship” of the performing arts, as happened with the circus, and regrets that magicians’ shows are too often devoid of artistic exploration of light, the visual, the text.

The magician, who received a flood of proposals after his prize to show his number to the public or to his colleagues in Japan, England or Las Vegas, would like to perform on Broadway, a dream but for once no illusion.

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