Big Eyes Coin, Cardano and Fantom are your best chance to earn with Cryptos

The crypto market has made money for many people, and you could be next. Now that we have entered the crypto winter and prices are still significantly low, you should consider buying expensive tokens while they are selling for less.

While you can now buy market-leading cryptocurrencies at a higher price, consider buying BIG tokens, which are currently in the presale stage and will allow you to double your income while having fun.

How Big Eyes Coin (BIG) helps the environment

Big Eyes Coin is a new cryptocurrency and is currently in the pre-sale phase. It can be described as an irresistibly “cute” community-driven platform whose main mascot is a cat with huge animated eyes.

The ecosystem provides a place for community members to create their virtual reality. The Big Eye’s Coin platform has one governance and utility token: BIG.

This cryptocurrency functions as a meme coin and community token as it gives token holders access to the many services, products and experiences of the Big Eyes ecosystem.

The BIG token is different from other meme currencies in that it does not have a dog-themed coin design; instead, Big Eyes Coin has a cute cat with big eyes.

Another asset that you can buy in the network is Big Eyes Coin NFT. These are a big part of the ecosystem as they help the network grow and NFT events take place regularly.

The benefits of Big Eyes Coin are endless and you can help save and clean up the oceans by adding the token to your crypto wallet. That’s because the harness mascot is a cat, and if the oceans aren’t clean, there will be no more fish to eat.

How Cardano (ADA) Is Improving Blockchain Technology

According to the creators of Cardano, this blockchain network was created by a scientific philosophy and a research-driven approach for “changemakers, innovators and visionaries”.

Cardano came on the market in 2017. It became one of the successful networks and the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization – the ADA token.

The ADA cryptocurrency is the governance and usage currency of the Cardano ecosystem. Consider adding ADA tokens to your crypto portfolio as it ranks 7th in terms of market cap.

One of the features that sets Cardano apart from its competitors is that the network strives to foster innovation and listen to community members about the needs for improvement.

The platform has announced a long-awaited upgrade. The Cardano Vasil has been implemented on the test network and will contribute to the speed and cost of the blockchain.

Fantom (FTM) sets the standard for smart contract platforms

Since entering the crypto market in 2018, Fantom has become one of the most successful decentralized financial projects.

It offers various decentralized financial services as it is made to be the most secure and scalable smart contract network for dApps.

Fantom can be described as a highly functionally focused acyclic smart contract ecosystem with different blockchains. Each individual blockchain consists of projects that are combined into a mainnet.

By purchasing the platform’s native token, FTM, you can participate in a project that successfully solved the problems of smart contract platforms with scalability, decentralization and transaction speed.

The FTM token can be used by community members for staking, on-chain governance and platform fees with the Fantom platform.

While you can buy ADA and FTM tokens for a lower price than usual, you can buy BIG tokens and take advantage of them while having fun.

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