this is the Lambrook School in Berkshire

The Cambridge family leaves London and settles in the countryside. Prince William and his wife will now reside in Windsor with their children. It also results in a change of schools for Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis. Kensington confirms their choice of school this Monday: Lambrook School, less than 15 kilometers from their new home, the Adelaide cottage.

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Prince William’s children will have a good time at Lambrook School

A few days ago, The Telegraph had already announced that Prince William and Catherine Middleton would certainly send their children to Lambrook School in Bracknell. The daily rumor was confirmed on Monday, August 22, by an official press release written by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. In a few days, Prince George (9), Princess Charlotte (7) and Prince Louis (4) will return to Lambbrook School.

Kensington confirms the rumor: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have enrolled their three children at Lambrook School. Pictured is Prince George and Princess Charlotte accompanying their parents on a visit to Cardiff in June 2022 (Photo: Stephen Lock/i-Images/ABACAPRESS.COM)

This is truly the year of big changes for the family. When George and Charlotte leave their very select London establishment, Thomas’s Battersea, where they have been trained since 2017 and 2019 respectively, it’s simply because the family is leaving London. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge leave their home, Kensington Palace, which has been given to them to raise their family.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine move to Adelaide Cottage, Windsor, Berskire. They also maintain their second home in Anmer Hall, Norfolk, near the Sandringham Estate. Kensington Palace, London remains their official workplace.

Home Park and its buildings (Image: Royal Histories)

Lambrook School is less than 15 kilometers from their new home. For the first time, Prince Louis attends the same school as his brother and sister. George and Charlotte enjoyed their time at Thomas’s Battersea very much and it was important to them to find a similar establishment. Kensington Palace statement highlights that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge “We are delighted to have found a school for their three children that shares the same ethos and values ​​as Thomas’s Battersea.”

Lambrook School is just a ten minute drive from Adelaide Cottage (Photo: Lambrook School/Wikimedia Commons/ CC by SA 3.0)

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A rural but private school to welcome George, Charlotte and Louis de Cambrige

The principal of the new school said he… “delighted” to welcome the little princes and the principal of the old school thanked George and Charlotte for being there and “their many contributions to school life during their time at Thomas’s Battersea”without forgetting to wish them the best of luck for the rest of their school career.

For the first time, Prince Louis attends the same school as his brother and sister (Picture: Stephen Lock / i-Images/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Lambrook School, established in 1860, was established in 1860 and serves 620 school children. The school covers a huge area of ​​21 hectares for boys and girls from 3 to 13 years old. Its mission is to ensure that young people leave this school with all the keys in hand to integrate into a secondary school “ as confident, outgoing, intelligent and creative young people”we can read on her website.

Prince Louis, who until now was still in crèche, is entering his first year preparatory. The tuition fee is approximately 4400 pounds sterling per semester or 5200 euros. Princess Charlotte has tuition fees of about 6450 pounds per semester, or 7600 euros. Finally, William and Catherine will have to pay 7,000 pounds per quarter, or 8,250 euros, for Prince George.

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