Solana: How Phantom wants to send the burst NFTs to the ground in the graveyard

Goodbye, NFT scam? – Phantom, the flagship wallet of the Solana blockchainlisten to the community and allow now to its users to destroy NFTs directly through the interface. Phantom has denounced the multiple NFT scams and has taken steps to: tidy the users of their Fraudulent NFTs. NFT phishing attempts on Solana are legion because of the ridiculous blow of transactions. And it was indeed time to act in this direction.

The NFT Orb That Is Victim Of All Kinds Of Scams

This Wednesday 17 August phantom published a blog post about the implementation of a fire function (destruction) of NFT on his wallet:

“We are still in the Wild West era of Web 3. As the crypto ecosystem grows, so does the number of bad actors looking for ways to steal user money. The rapid growth in popularity of NFTs has led to an increasingly popular attack method for scammers: NFT spam. »

As the team explains, Phantom regrets the current situation. value scammers 3.0 swarm. How fake airdrops can be of tokens (especially on MetaMask wallets), attacks on fake NFT air drops are a pest against which it is not easy to control.

The purpose of fake NFT airdrops is to trick the target into trading with malicious sites. To do this, an NFT that has a link to a “reward” to claim is sent to multiple wallets. After clicking the link, the user is prompted to:write that seed phrase or interact with a malicious smart contract to access what he was promised. In either case, the victim will find that his precious wallet is completely empty. It is in fact from phishing suitable for Web 3.

Example of a phishing NFT, which redirects to a bad site

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The burn to eradicate questionable NFTs, but not only!

If no solution is found for the time being, Phantom will finally pass the step of the function of burning NFT much in demand by the community.

Especially because in addition to phishing NFTs, there are also very simple NFT what the user wants Throw away. Take for example the Whitelisting NFTs with the advent of the NFT Solana platform, fractal.

For each owner of the NFT received in airdrop by the Discord members of the platform, whitelisted NFTs will be sent for future mints. Only he is almost impossible for the user to be interested in all these projects (or even just one). Thereby, these NFTs are messy his wallet unnecessary.

Phantom offers NFT burn feature to remove bulky whitlist NFTs
Example of bulky whitelisted tokens

Better control over your wallet with Phantom

Phantom’s intent is to create a check more complete on his wallet. In his blog post a small video instructions explains how to burn unwanted NFTs. To sum it up in a few words: 1 click on the NFT, then the options at the top right and then select the option “burn”. You finally know what to do with your Unirexes.

Even if interacting with a fraudulent NFT is a very reluctant task, the burn feature is: without risk and you will not be faced with unpleasant surprises. Small bonus: performing an NFT burn will make you win, earn a small (very small) amount FLOOR.

Burning NFT will earn you a small amount of SOL from Phantom
Receiving SOL during a burn

Phantom did not hesitate to mention the fact that this function is clearly not not the last step of his fight against fraud. The team plans to develop this topic further. The implementation of a Warning when an NFT is questionable, is in development. In addition, a system of automated detection of fraudulent NFTs is being investigated.

Phantom is finally making the effort to take NFT spam seriously, which annoyed users at best and scammed users at worst. Although the phishing may seem obsolete in our time, the victims keep appearing. The example of 2 Frenchmen who extort 3 million dollars thanks to this process speaks for itself. By taking the reins, Phantom, which already offered one of the best user experiences, hits the nail on the head.

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