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The interactive platform moozoom from Quebec will teach young Americans to better understand and control their emotions.

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Marc Tison

Marc Tison
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Jean-Philippe Turgeon himself has put into practice the skills his social-emotional learning platform imparts to primary school students: it took him eight months of patient negotiation to reach an agreement with the interactive whiteboard manufacturer SMART at the end of June so that its immersive application, which brings (very) young actors to the screen is directly accessible on their paintings.

In July, a second coup, he signed an agreement with an Ohio school service center that allows all schools in the state to subscribe to moozoom within a centralized procurement group. He also wants to repeat that breakthrough elsewhere in the United States.


A teacher leads moozoom in front of an interactive whiteboard.

The offensive will be facilitated by Jean-Philippe Turgeon’s partnership in early August with SRI International, the former Stanford Research Institute.

The organization has developed a tool to measure the impact of moozoom on students, which will be online at the end of September and report at the end of the school year.

“It’s important! We count on that a lot,” says Jean-Philippe Turgeon.

Schools, especially in the United States, want to demonstrate with supporting evidence that their students are making progress in their learning, including socio-emotional skills, which is not conducive to measurement.

A table of the problem

Jean-Philippe Turgeon, a lawyer by profession, had been working at a reputable firm for nearly 20 years when, in 2018, he heard “a call to do something bigger”. A call for entrepreneurship, he says, at the same time as that of his daughter. She struggled with a mental health problem that had led her to the door of suicide, not crossed.

Why don’t we learn basic social-emotional skills in school? wondered the lawyer, who herself had been diagnosed with ADHD.

A little research in the school environment gave him the answer: lack of time and suitable material for teachers.

He decided to give it to them.

The solution was to deploy a platform where all educational tools and materials would be provided, without the need for training.


Jean-Philippe Turgeon

We asked ourselves: how do we involve students in this, so that they enjoy learning social-emotional skills? We said to ourselves: we have to recreate these scenarios with the cinema.

Jean-Philippe Turgeon

Depicting a real-life situation with young flesh-and-blood actors has much more impact than a cartoon or animation like its American competitors do, he says.

In 2019, he made a demonstration video with an external team, which he presented in schools. The moozoom platform was launched in May 2020. It now offers six interactive theme series, each with four to six scenarios, in which the student-participant is asked: how would he react in such a situation?

“We didn’t invent the four-hole knot,” he admits. “Socio-emotional learning has been around for 30 years. What we’ve figured out is how to use it effectively. »

Manage your emotions

1er In September, Jean-Philippe Turgeon will put the newly revamped moozoom platform, a new thematic series and his first preschool content online.

More than 1,000 schools have subscribed to date, representing 135,000 users in Canada and the United States.

The offensive in the US market required the filming of new videos in English. The next step will be to dub the videos in Spanish “because the US market asks us to”.

He also allowed the Boston interview, where he would meet a new American employee who would join the five others already in his employ. It has hired 30 people in the past year, bringing the workforce to 34 employees.

The company’s mission statement has enabled it to attract ‘the best employees in the world’, he says with conviction. “We’ve hired people who are committed,” he adds in a false platitude.

It recently closed a $5 million funding round. And that’s just the beginning. “We would like to raise between 10 and 15 million in our Series A. Maybe do a series B of 50 or 60 million. In our plan, we plan to raise 250 million in three years. »

An ambitious programme.

He confesses: “Sometimes I’m not proud of myself. Because the reason I did moozoom is to get more in touch with my emotions. That is the challenge: I am an entrepreneur in a fast-growing company. You have to put in the effort, but I’m learning cute! I’ve been tested to control my emotions, I can tell you. »


Opening of the RONA Deslongchamps store, August 17, 2022

First RONA showroom in Quebec

RONA renovation centers were already selling household appliances. For the first time in the network, the RONA Deslongchamps store, which the owner Éric Deslongchamps has just opened in Rivière-Rouge, in the Laurentians, presents them in a showroom where they are exhibited in reconstructed residential environments. . The company also offers quality stoves and fireplaces, barbecues, kitchen cabinets, bricks and stones. It occupies a building of 5000 square meters.⁠2 and an adjacent warehouse of 2000 m²⁠2the renovation of which required an investment of $500,000.

Éric Deslongchamps owns three other RONA stores in the Vallée-de-la-Gatineau and in the Hautes-Laurentides. His company, founded over 80 years ago, joined the RONA affiliated dealer network in 2006. The store opened on August 17. In the middle, such an event seems to be emphasized with “the traditional cutting of the plank”. Using a band saw, no doubt.


Inuvik, Northwestern Territories

Solar energy in Inuvik

It’s far, it’s cold, but the project warms the heart. Nihtat Energy Ltd, a small, indigenous company owned and operated, is set to install a 1 megawatt solar farm in the town of Inuvik in the northern (!) Northwest Territories, about 100 kilometers from the Beaufort Sea. The park is expected to replace 434,000 liters of fossil fuel and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 380,000 tons per year. This transformation is expected to result in annual savings of one million dollars in diesel costs for the small town of 3,536 inhabitants (2018).

For the Gwich’in community, the project will create six full-time construction jobs and four part-time park management jobs. It is the subject of investments totaling more than $5.5 million from various federal programs aimed at the energy development of northern communities. Inuvik is eclipsed by a full polar night from December 6 to January 6.

A credit card comparator for SMEs

Which business credit cards get free popcorn at the movies? Those may not be exactly the answers SMB owners are looking for with the new business credit card comparison tool Hardbacon just launched on its platform. The company, which offers a personal financing application where consumers can compare credit cards, mortgages and insurance, has just added a section aimed at SMEs and the self-employed.

“When I started Hardbacon, I struggled with accounting and had great difficulty opening a business bank account and getting my first business credit card,” Hardbacon CEO Julien Brault said in his press release, adding to his satisfaction. to support the journey of small business owners. The entrepreneur section of Hardbacon also offers comparators for group insurance, car insurance and business insurance. Soon you will also be able to compare business checking and savings accounts there.


The new Tremplin pour la jeunesse agricole programme, set up by Sollio Groupe Coopératif, the Fédération de lalève agricole du Québec and the Mouvement Desjardins, will support 20 young agricultural entrepreneurs for a year, after which they will receive a grant of $15,000. This is called young shoots.

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