NFT and Surfin’Bitcoin Day, Biarritz Connects to Web3

22/08/2022 | Two complementary events will allow the public to experience both NFTs and Bitcoin this week in Biarritz. And newbies are welcome.

Biarritz switches to Web3 mode in the last days of August. On Wednesday 24, the Connector organizes an NFT day, in other words a day of exchange around these virtual objects, illustration, drawings, video, music, computer programs, which are exchanged on the web. Then from Thursday, August 25 to Saturday, August 27, there is Surfin’Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency exchange that also brings together the biggest international players on the Casino terrace. With a day for the general public on Thursday 24. The two events complement each other and work to educate people about these investments on web 3.

Two brothers, Franck Dupont in Biarritz and Damien Dupont in Paris, engineers specializing in Web3, founded OpenGem, a company that conducts NFT audits to detect security vulnerabilities. “Our company is digitally owned”, says Frank. A bit like Yuka, the mobile app that scans your food, OpenGem sets a score of NFTs from zero to one hundred. “It’s a real fight that we lead and we are used to organizing meet-ups to give good advice on the theme: how not to go crazy buying an NFT! »

Insight into the purchase of your first NFT

Based on this instructive experience, they will bring together other speakers on Wednesday 24 August for a first edition of NFT Biarritz, an event dedicated to these virtual objects (illustration, drawing, video, music, computer program, etc.) content, meetings, workshops and conferences to decipher a sometimes highly specialized technique and help the candidate to purchase an NFT to know well what he is really buying. “We had imagined this meeting for a while in a nice environment, far from Paris, in a qualitative and inspiring approach. But we really prepared it in three months. And the good surprise is that we’re clearly not the only ones who think it’s worth it.” rejoices Franck Dupont.

The day is organized by the Connector, an ecosystem supported by VillagebyCA and Crédit Agricole Pyrénées Gascogne that welcomes entrepreneurs and companies from the Basque Country and elsewhere. Booths and conference rooms allow you to explore blockchain practices and understand the mechanisms for buying your first NFT. “A few hours before Surf’in bitcoin, which has no NFTs on its schedule, we are trying to join forces to develop a crypto week in Biarritz at the end of the summer,” continues Franck Dupont. “It’s even cooler by the ocean,” provides this surfer.

Several international participants are expected: representatives from the NBA, FIFA, Nike, the YouTuber specializing in smart contracts Ben BK, or even John Karp, the boss of NFT Factory. Ledger, the French start-up that designs and markets physical cryptocurrency wallets for individuals and businesses, will also attend.

Also to be discovered in preview, the documentary about the first auction of an NFT, at Fauve in Paris. A VIP Networking, from 8 p.m. to 12 noon, concludes the day on the Connector’s roof terrace for participants who have bought the full-price ticket, 500 euros. The rest of the day from 9:00 to 19:30 is accessible with a ticket of 80 euros. “We have the ambition to renew the event every year to create a web hub 3 in the Southwest and also to attract a Spanish audience”, continues Franck Dupont. Most lectures are taught in English.

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Surfin’Bitcoin to Decrypt Cryptocurrency

The second edition of Surfin’Bitcoin in 2021 brought together 700 very Franco-French participants. For the third edition, which starts on Thursday, 1500 participants are expected around an international dimension, with the participation of 35 non-native speakers for every 100 speakers. “We are waiting for the economy minister of El Salvador, a country that has made Bitcoin its official currency since September 7, 2021, making it less dependent on the US dollar,” explains organizer Jonathan Herscovici, founder of StackinSat. Thaddeus Dryja, one of the designers with Joseph Poon, of the Lightning Network, a two-way payment channel network will also be in attendance. And five of the thirty miners in the world who have access to the heart of the cryptocurrency reactor will participate in the Biarritz conference. Pascal Gauthier, CEO of Ledger, the world’s number one digital wallet for cryptocurrencies, will also be in attendance for a few announcements.

For the less initiated, it is advisable to focus on the day of Thursday, with the projection of the film The Satoshi Mystery at the Origin of Bitcoin, broadcast by Arte. A scavenger hunt through the city yields bitcoins. “All this has only one goal: to familiarize the general public with Bitcoin”, states Jonathan Herscovici. Friday and Saturday will be more focused days with conference rooms to educate insiders on four themes: finance and regulation, eco and geopolitics, mining and energy, and technologies and resources. A resolutely deep tech and international angle.

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