A teacher from Clermont-Ferrand’s advice on successfully attending kindergarten for her child

Inevitably, there will be tears on the day of the start of kindergarten, especially for those discovering school for the first time. After two months of vacation, spoiled by daddy-mom or grandpa-grandma, it’s hard to come into class with all those new faces and new rules of life, but dear parents, you can prevent this from turning into a “drama”.

Explain what will happen and what he will do in class

“The most important thing with a child is to always explain things well. Tell him what he will do at school: play, make friends, have a mistress or master to whom you should listen and that you are going to leave him for a while, but that you will come to pick him up “, explains Hélène Marcheix, director of kindergarten Jean -Zay in Clermont Ferrand.

Use children’s literature

“You can read children’s literature books that deal with this back-to-school theme and tell the kid, you see, you’re going to do like Little Wolf.

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Don’t turn and cry in front of him

“The fear of a three-year-old child is separation and abandonment,” continues Hélène Marcheix. On the first day of school, many teachers allow the parents to return to class with the child for a few minutes. Enjoy it, but don’t slip because he seems to be having fun with a game or a friend because if he finds out you’re not there, it’s going to be a disaster. And take it upon yourself not to cry for him! »

Every child is of course different. It will be less difficult for those who have known the nursery or have gone to a babysitter.

“For Jean-Zay, the Covid has at least been good for one thing: we set up a pre-return for parents and toddlers, on August 31, the day of the pre-return for teachers. From 4 pm we receive the parents and their child so that they can meet the teacher and already discover a few friends and the class. Giving a name a face, knowing the places, that’s really easier before the start of the school year. »Kindergarten is the one that has to make love in school as good as possible from day one.

If possible, don’t leave it in the canteen on the 1th day

The other piece of advice for those who are new to the community and for parents who can is not to let the child in the cafeteria for the first time as it can do a lot for a toddler.

“School is compulsory from the age of three and this access to preschool is crucial as it is all year round to make the child happy to come to school to learn things. It’s a cape. It would be absolutely necessary to study walkways to be able to cross it smoothly. »

Don’t hesitate to talk to the teacher

Finally, during the year, don’t hesitate to meet the teacher as soon as you encounter a problem or have a question. “At the age of 3, it is still difficult for a child to articulate what he is going through. It is better to clear up all ambiguities. »

Geraldine Messina


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