the crypto community mobilizes to free the creator of the code

Alexey Pertsev was arrested in the Netherlands last week. The previously discreet developer is accused of creating Tornado Cash and thus facilitating money laundering on the platform. A decision that sparked a tidal wave of outrage within the crypto community, which is currently campaigning to free him.

Crypto Community Outraged Over Arrest Of Tornado Cash Code Creator

Alexey Pertsev’s wife, Ksenia Malik, as well as part of the crypto community, were outraged by the reasons for the incarceration of the creator of Tornado Cash. Indeed, the latter has worked on the code underlying the cryptocurrency mixer, offering it as open source. They therefore argue that the subsequent use made – particularly by criminals – is not the responsibility of Pertsev.

A sentiment shared by the 1inch Network, who called the community yesterday mobilize for developer release :

Is it really a crime to be an open source blockchain developer these days!?

A petition has been launched as well as a demonstration. It will take place on August 20 in Amsterdam. The hashtag #freealex was also proposed on social networks.

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The fair that has the wind in its sails⭐

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Questions that go way beyond cryptocurrencies

The Tornado Cash affair naturally raises questions about the importance of anonymity… But also at the work of the developers. Can we accuse a developer of money laundering while only providing open source code?

In any case, this could set a dangerous precedent. So open source developers can be arrested because their code has been used by criminals. We have already seen several examples of this interpretation. We notified you last week, the Tornado Cash source code has been removed from GitHub and some developers have had their accounts removed:

The Tornado Cash Case will therefore deliver important milestones for the entire ecosystem. Ksenia Malik has also confirmed with our colleagues at CoinTelegraph that she wants these questions to be passed on as widely as possible:

We want to promote this case so that as many people as possible are aware of this arrest. and the reasons why it is wrong. This is a serious problem as all open source developers and others could be affected by this accusation.»

However, we note that there are counter-arguments and these will also be considered. Tornado Cash generates profit, it can be understood that its operators profiting indirectly from money laundering taking place on the platform. So where should the line be drawn? This is the question that part of the crypto community will be grappling with in the coming months.

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Image source: Alexey Pertsev via LinkedIn


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