Teaching: “Choosing a school requires reflection and knowledge of the educational program,” said Ridha Jaber

Can you introduce yourself to the readers of webmanagercenter.com?

My name is Ridha Jaber, I am the head teacher of two private institutions. It is a private school at 1 Berges du Lac in Tunis that offers the so-called “Pilot” program.

Our first promotion was 100% successful with 47.62% joining the “Pilot”. This college is currently full of students.

The second school, namely the Académie du Lac, located at Berges du Lac 2 in Tunis, brings the levels preparatory (5 years) and lower (from 1time years to 6eie from 6 to 11-12 years).

At the Académie du Lac, we are planning the creation of the college cycle before the start of the 2022/2023 school year, which would thus allow for a 10-year training, ie from preparatory to 9 years.e.

About the results of the exams of 6e and 9e for the 2020/2021 school year, it is important to note that the two sites achieved exactly the same success rates, namely 84.6% success and 22.6% of the students in the Pilot. These results are indeed very respectable.

The education at the Académie du Lac is that of the national program of the Ministry of Education. However, this program focuses on interculturality through the enrichment of languages.

The Académie du Lac offers a trilingual curriculum (Arabic, French and English) rooted in the best French, English and Tunisian educational traditions. The school and extracurricular environment empowers students to succeed and thrive in a globalized world.

We recognize that every student is a unique individual and we are committed to ensuring that all students achieve their potential for academic excellence. Because every student is important, our schools are based on a real school project.

What are the specifics of your two branches?

The Académie du Lac and the Collège du Lac offer a course of action based on a school project that is rewarding for any student. These two institutions are part of a logic of student development to gradually build a real citizen.

Can you tell us what your project consists of?

Our project defines the role and mission of these schools. This project is based on four key axes that we gradually instill in our students through a behavioral approach.

It is about :

  • develop the student’s autonomy with a certain framed freedom for a better acquisition of knowledge and skills;
  • develop the student’s responsibility to prepare him to become a responsible and mature citizen;
  • develop self-esteem so that the student has self-confidence in all circumstances and thus confirms his personality;
  • develop digitally to acquire the skills of the 21st century and be in tune with the times.

But it requires buy-in from teachers and all school staff

After all, all employees are informed from the moment they are hired. The various trainings and other seminars have forged all our adult actors. The application of our project becomes a habit and behavior that no one disputes.

It should be noted that the staff of the two sites and in particular the General Directorate, the Educational Directorate and the entire teaching staff have a very strong commitment and sense of belonging.

In addition, several positive discipline training has strengthened team cohesion and strongly developed empathy between adults and children.

What is the positive discipline you speak of?

These are methods of discipline that positively and constructively influence children and our relationships with them. Positive discipline combines determination and kindness. It is therefore attitudes, gestures and words that are used daily to educate and guide children, while creating a predictable environment and relationships based on trust and respect.

Our teachers are trained in “positive discipline”. We develop this behavior regularly and constantly so that it becomes common. Thus, positive discipline helps to develop self-esteem and assertiveness.

To develop, children need a predictable environment and meaningful emotional relationships. The participatory pedagogy that we apply involves the children in school projects.

It is therefore an attitude that creates empathy and healthy behavior that reassures the child and allows him to reveal his potential and consequently accelerate his development and significantly improve his results.

What makes you different from other private schools?

For some students we have an individual learning plan. Every child is important to us. Therefore, it is our duty to enable every student to awaken their potential.

By giving them the psychological and environmental resources, you will be very pleasantly surprised by the abilities and creativity of the students.

It is also a pedagogical choice and priority actions to promote the success of pupils who may experience certain learning difficulties in pre-primary, primary and secondary school.

It is a truly individualized step-by-step plan led by a team consisting of a doctor, a nurse, a speech therapist and a child psychiatrist. Some teachers, with the support of the parents involved in the education of the child, program specific activities to fill any gaps in the pupil and go as far as possible in the collective goals to be achieved.

It is a way of structuring the child’s needs, in terms of know-how and interpersonal skills.

The individual learning plan is then periodically evaluated and adapted to the child’s development.

This project imposes a quality of the child/adult relationship based on trust and respect. The adult looks to the person of the child to better guide and guide him in his learning process, to help him overcome his difficulties and motivate him to always be the best he can be.

It aims to make the child an actor of his learning, to understand them by giving them meaning.

As a family, parents have an important, even wealthy, place in the academic success of their children, in collaboration with the educational and medico-social team.

Thanks to all this, we have created a family atmosphere where every student feels safe, comfortable and serene. This makes it easier for him to develop his qualities and abilities.

During the Covid-19 period in 2020, our two sites were among the first to introduce distance learning courses during confinement.

So, conscious of the importance of digital technology and the contribution of digital technology, we have installed giant interactive tablets in all classes.

What are the advantages of the giant interactive tablet?

Using the digital tablet in the classroom has many benefits, including improved motivation and student participation. These tablets have accentuated the students’ desire to learn.

Thanks to this tool, the most shy students participate in the classroom more easily than with traditional methods.

The playful and interactive aspect of these new learning resources improves attention, concentration and promotes the involvement of everyone, including those who have never dared to lift a finger.

The use of tablets in the classroom stimulates the creativity and engagement of students with learning difficulties.

With these tools, students benefit from an inexhaustible library and database.

In the internet age, learning resources no longer have boundaries and are no longer limited to just textbooks. Teachers and students have access to an infinite number of training models, textbooks and information resources at all times.

In addition, students benefit from individualized learning. Because with the tablet, each student can learn at their own pace by returning to a misunderstood point, starting an exercise as often as necessary, etc. The tool adapts the learning pace to the level and skills of each.

And for their part, they also allow teachers to benefit from time savings. With just a few clicks, educators can quickly provide students with engaging content in real time. They therefore spend more time preparing lessons, exercises and educational activities.

Finally, these media allow us to enter the digital age. The professional future of today’s children and young people is inextricably linked to digital technology. Acquiring skills at an early age facilitates this access to the world of work that awaits them in adulthood.

The experience of the giant interactive tablet in the classroom has produced results that are as compelling as they are encouraging.

The main goal is to train a person who is able to calmly and confidently enter the next phase of their course.

But how do you make all this known to the general public?

Choosing a school for your child is an important decision that deserves careful consideration and requires a perfect knowledge of what a school has to offer.

We don’t make a fuss about our vision and our project. Our best support for spreading our values ​​and our project remains essentially word of mouth from the parents of our children. This is the safest and strongest way to get valued for recruiting new students.

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