3 exhibitions before the opening of a place of artistic creation in the Ponthoile school

Jean-Michel Noirey presents his paintings where he stages his theatrical character Pipo. (©Abbeville magazine)

Jean-Michel Noirey juggles between his different worlds here. His latest film M. et Mme Toutlemonde has only just been shown in cinemas in the region when he is already working on another of his projects: the old school in Ponthoile.

The song that was in the foreground of the stage when it closed in 2018 and the songs that Gauvain Sers could have made on this subject will open the doors for his new assignment at the beginning of 2023. “A place of artistic creation”, as the artist and actor himself explains.

Paintings and a movie

Before that, there is no question of leaving this place where generations of Pontilois have succeeded each other without life. That is why Jean-Michel Noirey has decided, just like last year, to temporarily open its doors and present three exhibitions. “I exhibit my own paintings, photos from the film Mr. and Mrs. Toutlemonde and Pippa Darbyshire presents her paintings of the Baie de Somme,” he explains.

The two painting exhibitions thus shed light on the world of their maker. Pippa Darbyshire highlights the pastel colors found in the Baie de Somme and the natural hues of the region. Jean-Michel Noirey approaches another universe, that of theatre. A world he knows very well as an actor with experience in the prosecution. This is how he stages a character named Pipo. A valet of comedy that can be found in several of his adventures. “A lot of people tell me there’s something of me in this character. “The comedian is having fun too.

Mr and Mrs Everyone

The project was born after the original piece could not be performed due to Covid. Jean-Michel Noirey and his company from the Théâtre du Monde Entier therefore decided to turn it into a film. For example, he stages a series of portraits, consisting of ten women and two men, all heroes of their ordinary lives. Characters who reveal their most intimate secrets and who try to answer the same question: how do you write your life?
The film shot entirely in the region will be viewed there. It was screened in July at the Pax in Quend-Plage. It is in this month of August at the Vox in Fort-Mahon. And will be in September in Mers-les-Bains, Montreuil-sur-Mer and Crécy-en-Ponthieu. As in October at the Rex in Abbeville, in Picardy and in Hauts-de-France.

Last works before opening

So this short-lived opening that ends on August 22 is a taste of what this old school will look like in the future. Open all year round, it includes an indoor theater with approximately 80 seats on the current site of the Jean-Michel Noirey exhibition, as well as a 250-seat open-air theater in front of the center entrance and an educational garden. Free space will also be kept for other activities, and one of the classes, which has not been moved since its closure, will serve as a reference class and will be able to host conferences. The aim is to have creative works discovered there. “We don’t want shows, exhibitions or anything in the air to stop at the school. explains Jean-Michel Noirey.

A new movie in the making

In addition, another project sees the light of day for the Crotellois comedian. A new film, re-shot in the region, will normally be shot in 2023 for release in the end of the year or early 2024. It will depict a love and social story of a young married woman experiencing a love break and trying to rebuild. The film will be comical and guests are scheduled for the casting, in addition to Mr. and mrs. Toutlemonde who will be newly present.

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