Smart Rules and Benefits When Investing in Cryptocurrency – with Dr. Yasam Ayavefe

Today we are honored to hear from Dr. Yasam Ayavefe to learn about digital transformation and what that landscape will look like. First, digital transformation is the process of using digital technologies. Digital transformation is reinventing the way we do business in all aspects of life. Cryptocurrency falls directly into this transformation process as it is a “digital currency” which has many advantages. Crypto transactions are based on blockchain security, eliminating the need for central clearing from financial institutions. Cryptocurrencies Are A Phenomenal Inflation Hedge But Offer

great transaction freedom. According to Dr. Yasam Ayavefe, “ the investment of cryptocurrency in of the specific roads help replant trees and save farmland and determine better interactions as companies start building a digital plan.”

dr. Yasam Ayavefe is more than a successful businessman; he has an awareness of the needs of the world and an exceptional understanding of the importance of contact that is undeniably unique. In today’s world it is refreshing to gain knowledge from a man who has received an exceptional higher education for himself and for all of us. His motto, “Success is a journey, not a destination,” makes it clear that Dr. Ayavefe has no intention of standing in the way of his goals to get in the way of our country and anyone who lives here. His curriculum vitae is surreal, his experience speaks volumes about his acquired expertise, his entrepreneurial spirit and recognized as a true philanthropist.

Given the expertise of Dr. Ayavefe it becomes very clear that this area of ​​digital transformation is a change that we all need to invest in and implement in our lives.

dr. Yasam Ayaefe offers investment advice that is clearly in our best interest, saying:

“Your financial ambitions, mental agility and tolerance for market volatility all determine whether trading or investing is right for you. Individual stock betting rarely makes sense for investors pursuing long-term goals, such as retirement. However, this does not mean that actively trading or building a position in a particular company is bad. Moderation, as with everything else in life, is necessary. » Knowing your financial goals before investing, moderation in everything and knowledge are essential; we appreciate dr. Ayaefe’s expertise and financial advice in the market. dr. However, Ayaefe also offers some solid and smart investing rules, including its own rule of thumb.

“The right timing is the cornerstone of investing, as it determines whether the investment will be profitable or not. The guideline for any investment is, of course, to buy low and sell high. Planning buys and sells is arguably the hardest part of investing. When investing in cryptocurrencies, the timing of purchases and sales is more important than investing in traditional investments such as stocks. In practice, perfect timing is impossible. A good rule of thumb is that most investments are worthwhile during a downturn in a cryptocurrency market. In the cryptocurrency exchange market, the prices that rise during the emerging market are so important that investing in promising projects during the declining market allows you to multiply the capital invested several times.

My strategy is to sell a large portion of my altcoin investments by the end of the year. I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make my sales when rates peak. But the closer I get to the top, the better. It’s much more fun going into the next downturn with good liquidity than watching your assets melt away by tens of percent before your very eyes.

Speaking with Dr. Ayaefe, investing in cryptocurrency has become a wise financial choice to maintain stability in these days of uncertainty. His knowledge, expertise and deep passion for improving the lives of all are inherently evident.

According to Dr. Yasam Ayaefe, cryptocurrencies are more robust than any other form of investment. Because the exchange rate can rise or fall by a significant percentage in short periods of time, timing is paramount. He declares: “The cryptocurrency market typically moves in four-year cycles. Historically, a new cycle has always started with the bitcoin halving. The Bitcoin halving was the push for the start of the booming market and the previous two price peaks for Bitcoin were reached after about 1.5 years. The third half of Bitcoin’s history was in May 2020 and we’ve been pretty much in the emerging market ever since.

Finally, we must make his words resonate intensely: “The sooner we adapt to the constant digital change, the more certain our future prosperity will be. »

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