Roblox Voice Chat Samples Phone Verification

Certain Robloxians 13 and older can now access Roblox voice chat as part of a beta test on the massive sandbox gaming platform that relies on users’ phone numbers for verification purposes, a Roblox spokesperson confirmed to PCGamesN. If implemented, it would provide an alternative form of age verification to the platform’s current requirement that users provide photo ID to confirm their age.

The Roblox spokesperson shared the following via email with PCGamesN:

“At Roblox, we believe the metaverse is for everyone, and our communication capabilities we create should be for everyone. As part of this effort, Spatial Voice is a key commitment to our long-term vision for the future of communications. With state-of-the-art the-art measures (identity verification, moderation, etc.) allow specific members of our community to use Spatial Voice to securely connect with others on Roblox.

“Security on Roblox is at the heart of everything we do. We maintain many systems to keep our users safe and work tirelessly to build a secure, civil and welcoming platform for all. This includes the identity verification we launched last year and allows us to offer more than 13 select users the opportunity to try Spatial Voice in beta. We started with identity verification, but always planned to expand to other ways of verifying identity in the future. Today, Spatial Voice ID requires authentication – a process that involves providing a government-issued ID and a selfie.

“Since we announced the first test of this feature, we’ve slowly expanded the pool of people who can access it. It’s a deliberate process and we’ve learned how to develop and extend it with new options like phone authentication, while maintaining our high security standards.

Roblox launched voice chat in November 2021. It is only available to users 13 and older, and the platform requires users to verify their age through a photo or some form of identification. However, this process can be a major hurdle for people who do not have such identification or who simply do not have the desire to participate in the download process. Without the Roblox voice chat feature, older gamers are turning to Discord and other services.

Eliminating the need to provide a photographic image can also allow Roblox users to spend more time on the platform, as they no longer have to switch between third-party services to communicate with each other. In recent years, Roblox has come to grips with older users and has managed to retain users who have grown up with the platform. This demographic shift also means it’s essential for Roblox to continue to find ways to engage its older player base, with wider access to voice chat being an example of such a move.

Allowing more access to voice chat could provide more capabilities that would support Roblox’s push into the metaverse. This could foster a greater sense of community among gamers who primarily relied on in-game text chat and provide more opportunities for game makers to develop games that take advantage of voice interactions. These can be among us-esque games, role-playing games, and shooters that use proximity chat features. While there doesn’t seem to be a surefire way to access the beta, some people report receiving notifications when they enter chat-enabled games.

You can see if you can access the voice chat feature by going to “Settings”. If the feature is visible, you can toggle the button to enable it. Enabling this will lead to a pop-up screen asking the user to give Roblox permission to collect, use, and save voice recordings for security and moderation. By checking the required box and pressing “Enable”, the player can access voice chat in all games that allow it. Like many other Roblox beta features, such as the new “exchange” button in the item resellers list, the process will be subject to rigorous testing and feedback. It will not be available to all users unless it is implemented.

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