Phantom wallet offers new feature to fight new crypto scam

Phantom is warning Solana blockchain users of a new breed of crypto scam. To counter this, the cryptowallet has implemented a new feature.

Beware of NFTs in your crypto wallet

A few days after the large-scale hack, the Solana blockchain continues to be the scene of many crypto scams. The Phantom crypto wallet has decided to take matters into their own hands and fight back against the latest trendy scams with the help of its users.

In a Twitter post, the Phantom team warned the public about the spontaneous appearance of NFTs in its users’ wallets. While these non-replaceable tokens may look good at first glance, they are actually a ticking time bomb. Sent by scammers, they hope that their potential victims will click on their links. This way they have direct access to their data. It takes just one click for an uninformed holder to see their crypto wallet contents stolen right before their very eyes.

To put a stop to the phenomenon, Phantom makes a fire feature available to its users. By selecting the fraudulent NFT and clicking a button in the top right corner of the interface, those who have seen a non-fungible token in their wallet as if by magic can protect themselves. The NFT in question is immediately burned and perhaps a few SOLs will replace it.

Source: Phantom’s Twitter account

According to Phantom, burning fraudulent NFTs would be without any risk to the user. It would simply be a matter of not clicking on the links associated with the latter. It will also be possible to use this feature to clean up your wallet.
Finally, in order to combat more effectively, an inventory of incidents is organized, allowing similar transactions to be blocked. For non-fungible tokens that slip through the cracks, an alarm system is also provided.

Source: Phantom’s Twitter account

Cleaning is in order on the Solana blockchain

Phantom is fighting crypto scams and other security vulnerabilities plaguing the Solana blockchain on its own scale. However, another project is participating in the purification. No less than 10 million dollars has been raised by the start-up Jito Labs to combat the presence of robots on Solana.

Source: Jito Labs Twitter account

With the money raised, Jito Labs plans to implement a new validator that will improve the wagering rewards paid to Solana users. These are often overridden by trading bots that collect small fortunes on MEVs to the detriment of other strikers. The external validator must therefore make it possible to distribute to everyone what is theirs. As a result, the biggest profiteers of the blockchain could quickly become powerless in favor of a fairer system.


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