Ouch Robot – When the bots dribble too well, Sorare’s human players

A robot is a machine made for imitate his best man. And if the robot, or the bot, does better than the human, it generally annoys him. A lot ! Especially whensilver Final example with fans of the game NFT Sorare, who face an army of unbeatable bots.

When the robot earns more than the human

A “bone” is the shortcut used to refer to a robot in the computer world. This bot is here for the easier life to the user, by performing actions that are sometimes unpleasant instead of a person. Used for trading, sometimes for games, bots have 2 advantages. Their reaction time is incomparable to that of humans, and they never sleep. A bot doesn’t have to think. We program it to perform an action, and it does it. No feeling, no effect : it is fast and efficient.

So, when we program a bot to buy, so rarethem interesting maps that can possibly be resold with a nice added value, the bone system is very attractive.
Just program it to follow the market and acquire for example all rare cards with a 10% lower price in its normal gait. He is then asked to resell them, with a 30% added value. Handy, isn’t it?

But when this bot, with the little name of Bellonagrab everything that happens in the famous soccer game market, it will make you cringe.

Using bots in video games always caused a lot of ink to flow. Between those in favour, because it adds difficulty, and those against, because it slowly kills the game, the rag has always burned very brightly.

He does not have didn’t last long to put these automatic systems in the middle of the play to earn. After all, humans are quite lazy by nature. If someone (or something) can perform their tasks quickly and efficiently, they tend to seize the opportunity. Moreover, if these actions can generate (a lot of) money, the motivation is twofold.

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Should bots be banned?

But these bots could have a real one negative impact on the economy of a game, and thus lead to its loss. Because if users can no longer play and they lose money, they will play elsewhere. Indeed, very often the games turn into a bot fight. It is a challenge for developers who need to constantly improve their little robot, find solutions and optimize the code. But for the lambda playerit is a battle lost in advance.

Bots seize far more opportunities than humans on Sorare

Some games or sites set up systems anti-collision. Others ban them and punish accounts that are a little too fast to perform actions normally done by a human. But that’s not the case with so rarewho has not yet responded to the topic.

The subject is difficult, because all high level players use bots: to analyze the market, to keep abreast of opportunities, to launch automatic alerts. What is the limit then? Ban everything? Let the optimization bots pass, but block those who buy and resell? Who sets the limit? And most importantly, how do you determine that?

When so rare is in the spotlight, the National Gaming Authority that wants to regulate its platformthe team may be forced to take measures to protect users.

But is it really a protection that of block these bots ? After all, they are programmed by gamers, who are simply looking for a solution to maximize their income. Would the deficit that annoys players who miss an opportunity seem negative to them if they were the ones who won the bet every time?

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