His writer friends from the School of Brive will pay tribute to Claude Michelet on August 20 in Perpezac-le-Blanc (Corrèze)

He left his home in the hamlet of Marcillac, near Brive (Corrèze), on May 26, at the age of 84. The Corrèze novelist Claude Michelet cultivated a love of the country and fine literature. Son of the resistant and minister of General de Gaulle Edmond Michelet, originally a farmer, became a full-time writer after the phenomenal success of his novel From thrushes to wolves at the end of the 1970s. In it, he tells, in four books, the saga of the Corrèze Vialhe family through five generations of farmers, between the end of the 19th and the middle of the 20th century.

A scholar from Corrèze

This Saturday at 4 pm in Perpezac-le-Blanc, his writer friends from the School of Brive will pay tribute to him in front of the reading corner of the city that bears his name. On this occasion, Louis Oliier Vitté will host a conference where the life and literary success of Claude Michelet will be discussed.

Have you read these six books by the writer Claude Michelet, who died on May 26 in Brive (Corrèze)?

Gilbert Bordes and Jean-Guy Soumy recount their memories of this missing friend and all that Claude Michelet brought them. Member of the School of Brive, including Michel Peyramaure, Yves Viollier, Jean-Guy Soumy, Christian Signol and Gilbert Bordes, Claude Michelet is the author of some thirty books, awarded several literary prizes.

“Chez Claude, I was home”

On Saturday, Yves Viollier “the Vendéen of the school of Brive” will also make the trip to talk about his “old brother”. “When I came to Corrèze with my wife, our room was at Claude’s. I was at home with him. »
Yves Viollier emphasizes: “Claude Michelet is the voice of a particular agriculture and of the farming world of the 20th century. This man had the memory of an elephant. When I needed information, a detail for my books, I called him. He had an extraordinary knowledge of the world, of the earth and of the sky. We watched all evenings at the stars that he told wonderfully well, such as complaints and birds. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of the universe. »

A man with character

Claude Michelet was a man of character. “He was very candid, confirms Yves Viollier. If he thought something, he said it. Sometimes he didn’t mince his words. During meetings and conferences it happened that people with fairly fixed opinions came to him. He didn’t hesitate to tell them what he thought. »

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“When Claude wrote, he was very secretive until the handover of the manuscript to his publisher”

Yves Viollier (writer, member of the School of Brive)

For its members, the School of Brive was a literary and human adventure. “With Claude and with the whole team, our daily life was a party,” laughs Yves Viollier. In addition, when I returned to Brive’s school, it was necessary to show that I liked certain drinks (laughter). In particular, we drank a few bottles of Meursault anthology together. It was real company between us. But even when we were partying, we talked about our work, about writing. And there was a requirement between us, without any jealousy. Whenever I published a book, I always waited for the letter from Claude who had read it to me and told me what he thought of it. When one of its members had a success, an award, it was reflected on the whole School of Brive. »

“It’s more than a pretty story, it’s a family story. We lost Claude, we lost a brother. »

Yves Viollier (empty)

And to Yves Viollier to conclude “I was in Creuse last weekend with two other comrades from the School of Brive, Gilbert Bordes and Jean-Guy Soumy. We said to ourselves: “When we come back to Brive, it won’t be the same, because Claude is gone”. »

Peasant novelist anchored in Brive (Corrèze), Claude Michelet “writer” for eternity

Dragan Perovic

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