Near Rennes, they open a new kind of alternative school at the beginning of the school year

Cécile Pageot and Anne-Hélène Sero ©Le Journal de Vitré

Celine Pageot, director and pedagogical coordinator of the school, and Anne-Helene SeroSpecial Educator and Inclusion Coordinator, are the co-founders of Seeds of joy.

It is about a new school which opens in November at Chateaugironin a house of 220 m² and a natural space of 2,000 m² to discover the biodiversity and ecosystems that surround them.

Three years on the project

They have been working on this project for three years. This one inclusive school, in the middle of naturewill pass on essential life skills and know-how to children by using alternative pedagogyas MontessoriFreinet and Decroly, subject to official national education programs.

In addition to the two multi-level classes, 3-6 years and 6-11 years, a leisure reception open to everyone is offered on Wednesdays and during school holidays.

Discovery of alternative schools in France

“This project is a childhood dream. Dyslexic I was followed by a speech therapist. I had custom tools and then more facilities in the classroom. After the ups and downs of life, this dream of creating a school according to everyone’s needs reappears. So I took my backpack and from Brittany to Alsace, from Île-de-France to Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, I went to discover alternative schools”, explains Céline Pageot.

She was soon joined by Anne-Hélène Sero.

It also fuels the project to create a structure to welcome everyone into what they are. We decide to pool our skills and ideas and make connections between our two projects. That’s how Seeds of Joy was born.

Celine Pageot

Graines de Joie is a private school without a contract. It is also a place of inclusion, also open to children with disabilities, in addition to their educational and/or paramedical support. The diversity of the welcomed children enriches yourself and others.

Videos: currently on Actu

Basic subjects are taught (math, French, science, history and geography, etc.) to which are added subjects or activities related to living languages, visual and performing arts (theatre, dance, circus), weaving techniques (knitting, embroidery, felting ), learning about permaculture and music.

Nature as a learning tool

As part of fundamental subject learning, the team will rely on alternative pedagogy. Anne-Hélène Sero explains: “For example, if we think of building a pond, the children work on natural sciences, but also math and French. These pedagogical choices will be aimed at developing coexistence, mutual help and respect for others, promoting autonomy, arousing motivation and self-confidence, creating collective learning situations where older children can also sit in the attitude of teachers, transmitters. Contact with nature will be daily. Nature can be an educational resource. »

The teaching team will consist of two teachers, an early childhood educator, a specialist educator, an environmental educator and two civilian youth trained in multi-pedagogy. Céline Pageot and Anne-Hélène Sero are currently looking for animators. They are considering partnerships with local players.

“It’s hard to be in denial today”

We are at a turning point. In a few years life will look different. We have to educate children in ecology, show them how nature works, prepare future citizens to be autonomous and responsible. It is now difficult to be climate skeptical, in denial. There are things to do, you have to know how to adapt when you are very young,” concludes Anne-Hélène Sero.

4, rue des Rolliers in Châteaugiron. Contact person: 07 66 58 82 35 or [email protected] Registrations are still open.

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