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Defining the objectives of your employees, setting the pace of a team, monitoring project progress, supporting difficulties, giving feedback…: being a manager cannot be improvised. Charlène Papillat quickly understood this when she led a small team within the admissions department, on the continuing education side, at emlyon business school: “The two people I supervise have very different profiles and need a follow-up mode adapted to their personalities. I needed training to learn how to support them individually and collectively. »

That’s why she signed up* for emlyon training “Success in your new managerial tasks”, provided by Ubaldo Della Guerra. A three-day module, offered in Lyon and Paris, to “anyone who wishes” change their behavior in the management relationship by stepping out of their comfort zone. When we resist change, new situations, and new demands on thought and effort, we avoid learning.says the coach.

Focus on a manager’s essential missions

First phase of the course: identifying the essential missions, essential to the daily life of a manager. Those who are not allowed to pass the latter to lead his team on the path to success. “For example, the morning letter, where the manager must create a positive atmosphere to start the working day well. Or project measurement points: are they organized too regularly, too little, at the right time? » says Ubaldo Della Guerra.

The participants are then asked to rate their level of performance at each of these key moments in a manager’s life: What exactly am I doing in this scenario? How do I do it? What is the achieved result?

learning through play

This assessment makes it possible to adapt the training to the needs of new managers, by combining theoretical learning and practical exercises. Ubaldo Della Guerra relies on a fun pedagogical approach to better anchor teaching in people’s minds and then immediately mobilize the right tools in a professional context. In particular, he uses analogies with the conductor or sports coach to show managers how to animate and federate a collective to achieve a common goal.

“We’ve created theatrical sketches that depict professional situations we might face: ”Paul comes into your office dissatisfied and he should come out happy, it’s up to you!”Charlene illustrates. Ubaldo also gave us advice on how to behave towards different interlocutors : passive, aggressive, manipulative… and to improve our listening quality. In particular, he drew our attention to the choice of words. For example, to minimize the impact of an unpleasant announcement, we must remember to emphasize a positive point first and then show diplomacy: “I would like you to understand that what I am telling you is not against you, but in the interest of everyone …””

“I haven’t seen the training because the trainer is fascinating! »

Oratorical precautions that the department manager could immediately apply in the event of employee difficulties: ” Since the training I pay much more attention to the choice of words, which allows me to approach sensitive subjects with care. »

The power of the workout? It is based on the active participation of everyone: “Ubaldo was able to create a great group cohesion when we were all of different ages and from different sectors: surgeons, architects, construction professionals, real estate developers, insurance consultants, but also two or three people from emlyon working in different areas of services. than mine It was very enriching to trade with themsays Charlène Papillat enthusiastically. I didn’t see the training because the trainer is exciting, he is full of spirit and life. I collapsed! »

Would you like to strengthen your management skills yourself or offer this training to your employees, in Paris or Lyon? Contact Pauline Boyeaux, training advisor, now to discuss your project by email (pboyeaux@eml-executive.com) or by phone (+33 (0)7 88 77 15 89).

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*emlyon business school offers all its new managers the “Succeeding in new management positions” training

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