Professor Bernard Kokou Ahiha celebrated by his former students

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Family photo of the party organizers

To celebrate the instructors of the Regional School of Air Navigation and Management (ERNAM) during their lifetime, the former students of this institution celebrated their former mentor, Director Bernard Kokou Ahiha.

What happened : These former students, coming from almost all African countries, celebrated with pomp this outstanding professor, an exceptional professional from Asecna. After a mass of thanksgiving, the representatives of the many students gathered with him around dishes offered by them, those of other African countries, through the alchemy of thought, also attended the festivities. . Surrounded by his children present in Benin, Gérard and Judith, good friends, including his former colleague Benjamin Ezin and Nicodème Eye of the former Air Afrique, a thanksgiving mass was celebrated.

How did they succeed? : To stay true to one of the goals that these former students set themselves, under the impulse of El Hadj Sanda Seydou, it was necessary during their lifetime to celebrate instructors of the Regional School of Aviation and Meteorology (ERNAM) of Dakar. The Beninese who created the said school also took part in the action by celebrating the 88 years of Bernard Kokou Ahiha, first weather instructor of the said school, on July 18, 2022. A seven-member committee was also established, composed of Justin Noukpozounkou, François Kpedotossi, Antoine Aguidissou, Alain Aitchedji, François Agueh, Pascaline Bamahossovi, headed by President Sagbo Avossè. At the end of the various preparatory meetings for this event, the very first of which took place on July 6, 2022 in the buildings of the General Direction of Météo Benin, several decisions were taken, in particular the determination of the actions to be carried out during the day of 18 July 2022, namely: celebrating a thanksgiving mass at the recipient’s home; offer a giant portrait photo and a sturdy envelope and a cake with champagne; offer all participants a refreshment consisting of petit fours and products from SOBEBRA (Benin Brewery Company), invite a pianist to complete all this and finally determine the participation rate per member. A program was drawn up and a three-member subcommittee, composed of Sagbo Avossè, François Kpedotossi and Pascaline Bamahossovi, was set up for its implementation. Started at 11 a.m. on July 18, 2022, the demonstrations ended promptly at 1 p.m. so as not to tire the lucky man of the day. Note that the mass was celebrated by Father Maxime Ahomagnon of the parish of Sainte Marie Mère du Sauveur de Midédji and that all participants wore T-shirts with the image of the lucky man of the day. After this mass, the program was masterfully arranged by François KpedotossI who took care of the impresario. From the welcome by the chairman of the committee, through the presentation of gifts, the cutting of the cake and the refreshment, to the surprise gifts, everything went very well and was enhanced by the liveliness of the pianist. We must not forget that this action carried out that day was crowned with a success that was felt in the joy of Mr. Bernard Kokou, who said with great emotion only one word: Thank you.

Who is K. Bernard Ahiha: Married to the late Catherine Bada and father of five children, Bernard Kokou Ahiha is the first principal, founder of the public primary schools of Goumori and Ina in Benin. Bernard Ahiha was admitted after a competition in Asecna in the 1960s, where the company Air Afrique had just started, and was the first African expatriate in Dakar, Senegal, in this institution. Thanks to his teaching experience, and precisely because he was part of this generation of executives who understood very early that training alone is a guarantee for the success and sustainability of continental companies, he was honored to found Dakar, the regional school of meteorology that he led. . until his retirement. So, assigned to the training of executives, having trained himself at the former meteorological school of Fort de Saint Cyr in France, he has seen a succession of almost all the technical executives that each of the member states has recruited and has changed the layout of the Asecna placed . Bernard Kokou Ahiha has always been not only a teacher but also a father, a friend and sometimes a confidant to the many Africans who attended this regional school of air navigation and meteorology of Asecna, in Dakar. Moreover, this exceptional gentleman served not only the students of Asecna. Many Beniners have benefited from his hospitality during their stay in Dakar for various reasons. His humanity and the radiance that he has always radiated are reflected in his profound speech he delivered on this occasion, which is simple: thank you, another quality that characterizes Bernard Kokou Ahiha. May he still enjoy a peaceful rest in the warmth of his family and all those who continue to love him, and may it, in our world losing its orientation, be one for generations to come.

Marius Alavoc

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