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PRESS RELEASE. PIXXSTASY, an addiction prevention and rehabilitation charity project, is redefining the NFT market. The organization will sell 399 limited edition NFTs this year and use the proceeds to support charities involved in anti-drug campaigns and drug recovery programs around the world. Operating under the slogans “BE A HEALER” and “DO NOT USE. JUST OWN IT”, the brand aims to use blockchain technology to transform lives and raise more than $1 million worldwide.

The energy and direction of PIXXSTASY comes from its founder, Zoltán Egri, a man who personally suffered from a drug addiction for two years.

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“I’ve been through a lot,” says Egri. “I was an employee, a manager, a 5 minute star, a lover, a cheater, a rich man, a drug addict and then I got clean. PIXXTASY was created by the combination of events in my life.

Egri now wants to use PIXXSTASY to help drug addicts quit and recover from their addiction using modern methods. It will use the sale of signature handcrafted NFTs to support eleven non-profit organizations and rehabilitation centers. The amount of donations depends on the frequency of NFT sales and an arbitrary lottery system for determining which organization will receive the money, Egri says.

PIXXSTASY will archive its NFT collection in three steps: 333+33+33. Those who want to buy must be whitelisted before August 31, 2022. Each participant will then have the opportunity to be selected to purchase and own a PIXXTASY NFT.

While Egri hopes prices will be high, not everyone will be. There will be some good deals available for buyers with a more modest budget.

To make the NFTs more attractive, they are limited edition and hand drawn by a professional artist. The designs resemble popular pop culture images, such as Star Wars, Bitcoin, and memes, such as Hello Kitty. According to Egri, this is partly to generate attraction and partly to raise awareness about how drug dealers use pop icons to represent the illegal substances they sell.

But PIXXSTASY doesn’t do it alone. The project is collaborating with other companies to increase its impact.

For example, KingIT Solutions, a Web3 application, website and agency, will help PIXXSTASY create the 399 NFTs, Dapps and smart contracts. It will also support its marketing, build the project’s website and use its excellent content to raise awareness and encourage more community members to come forward and join the company’s whitelist. KingIT designed each piece of 3D pixel art on the PIXXSTASY website individually. It didn’t automatically generate them from other images, a common practice in the web design industry.

BSW, a duo of Hungarian hip-hop artists, will also support PIXXSTASY. The band, who have been performing for over twelve years, will promote and support the work of the project, using NFTs, their music and cryptocurrency to support the cause.

Ultimately, PIXXSTASY pioneers a new way to reduce the scourge of addiction. Blockchain technology promises to improve the convenience of charitable donations and raise the large sums of money needed to solve the problem.

Website: https://pixxtasy.io/

Discord PIXXTASY: https://discord.com/invite/KKgWGuWgZR

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pixxtasy.nft/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pixxtasy?s=20&t=tQrL3eXKGUBA8iLt2CIuQg

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/pixxtasy/

TIC Tac: https://www.tiktok.com/@pixxtasy.nft

KingIT Solutions website: https://www.kingitsolutions.net/en/

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