End of SLPs for Axie Infinity? The game to earn ratings the rules of the game

Change of direction – The news had the effect of a small bomb in the Axie Infinity community. Still! It had been hanging in the faces of the players for a while. Gone are the days when you could get drunk on love potions until you were thirsty. In the face of abundance, Axie Infinity’s utility token (SLP) saw its value plummet. The need for economic equilibrium was felt. To get a makeover, Sky Mavis offered a new version of his game Axie Origin. Since August 12, it is therefore the rewards in SLP that have changed. Explanation.

SLP Profits Decrease

The game Axie Origin therefore imposes a new deal. Before August 12, players could earn SLP on theold versionin arena mode based on their results against other players and in so-called adventure mode, against bots, robots.

So even if you were the worst breeder of small NFT animals, spending a lot of time and energy could make some money Smooth love potion. But, that era is now over. SLP rewards are now only accessible in Arena game mode.

As a reminder, the SLP is a utility token where the‘AXS’ is the governing token of Axie Infinity. SLPs were earned in both Axie Infinity game modes: both adventure and player versus player. However, players who abuse time, multi-accounts or the use of bots have jeopardized the balance of winnings, and therefore the number of SLPs created. Axie Infinity had warned that the good times would end. It’s finished.

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The love filter no longer works

This choice was important and had been in preparation for several months. The value of the cryptocurrency has stopped falling as the developers of Axie Infinity also offer massively minted new mechanics for burning SLPs. So they will balance the winning process so that the in-game economy doesn’t crumble. As a result, it is now possible in exchange for SLP, among other things: runes or even amulets that are offered as NFTs in the game and help to enhance the gaming experience.

“One of the key benefits of moving from Classic to Origin is the enhanced capabilities to balance the economy of the SLP. Therefore, the design of the SLP reward system with Origin is adapted to this purpose. »

Axie Infinity – Source: The Lunacian

This one strategic choice for SLP management is part of a renewal policy that aims to correct the shortness of breath the game has been experiencing since February. Indeed, while there were 2.7 million players connected in January 2022, 766,000 are connected to play every day.

In addition to the economic strategy, Axie Infinity also wants to return their letters of nobility to the players. SLP rewards during arena battles (player vs. player) thus encourage players to outdo themselves. They are no longer satisfied with passively playing games against the game robot.

This major change is accompanied by the release of Season 0 of the new game Axie Origin. Seasons are combat matches over a period of time. They reward the best players in the arena with AXS and SLP.

Axie Infinity conquers gaming

Sky Mavis, parent company of Axie Infinity, thus unfolds its thought of a game focused on gaming and esports skills, rather than a game solely focused on cryptocurrencies.

Jeffrey Zirlin, also known as Jihoz, disclosed this policy to our colleagues at Coin Telegraph. Also, during Korea Blockchain Week, the game’s co-founder announced that he wanted to double the NFT game’s presence in South Korea, confirming his desire to expand into the world of gaming. In this country where play to earn is viewed with suspicion, the ability to play Axie Infinity for free is not unimportant here.

“I think you know that we want to double our efforts (…) The Koreans are among the best players in the world. »

Jeffrey Zirlin, Co-Founder of Axie Infinity – Source: Coin Telegraph

In spite of the historical hack lived in March 2022 and a crypto winter that impoverishes even the most powerful, Axie Infinity continues to establish itself as a pioneer in earning games. Definitely weakened by the trend of games move to earn like Step Nthe king of the game to earn, cranky adapts, stays on track and intends to win the game.

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