▷ Create an ebook to develop your business

You see more and more people offering an ebook for sale or even giving it as a gift and you wonder why? Well, it’s really quite simple: to grow their business…

How will an ebook grow your business?

The primary purpose of a company is to: making a profit. So to develop your business, you will need to increase it in order to reinvest or earn more.

This is where our ebook comes in handy! An ebook won’t necessarily increase your profits on its own sales alone. You can imagine that you will not win much with an ebook of 17 euros, for example.

But in reality, this is not the purpose of our ebook. In general, when you decide to write an ebook to develop your business, it’s for a completely different reason. An ebook will actually be either serve as loss leader, either allow to attract new people in your municipality.

  • loss leader: a loss leader will be the first product a potential future customer will buy from you. An ebook is a very good loss leader because it will introduce you, but also give you a taste of your services, all for a low price. People will therefore not hesitate to buy it;
  • Attract new people: offer your ebook as a gift to attract potential new customers. Or just let different platforms like Amazon’s Kindle sell your ebook to attract new people to your business.

Once your ebook sells, on average 10% of your readers will buy one of your other products 10x more expensive. That is why this way you can develop your business around an e-book.

How do you write this ebook?

You suspect that writing an ebook about Georges’ adventures will not bring you many customers to your business.

So write something related to the theme of your business. Do you propose to reduce people’s stress? So describe in this ebook one or more solutions to reduce people’s stress.

Please how to compose your ebook to attract as many people as possible:

  • First of all : About you: Describe yourself: who are you? What kind of work do you do ? Why did you start this company? etc ;
  • Second: About this ebook: Describe your ebook: What will it bring to readers? What makes it different etc. ;
  • Third: The Content: Here it is the most important part of your ebook. Your content will become one of the main keys to attracting your readers learn more about you and your products. You’ll have to change their lives in your ebook already! How would you tell me? just in propose concrete actions. For example, to be in better shape say “do 30 minutes of this exercise a day”, etc. When your readers have read your ebook, they should never think about it again, they should always have remembered something important. If so and you helped them, they will be interested in you and your other more expensive products.
  • Fourth : To continue: you just go to this part (that you must not forget) give all your links on your social networks, other products, trainings, etc.

To learn more about the table of contents, visit this article.

What is the best app to use for ebook layout?

Before I give you the application that allows you to create your layout without disrupting everything on your smartphone or tablet, I want to give you some advice.

First, when you write your ebook do not worry your spelling mistakes or your layout, spaces, images, etc. You spend a lot of time writing. Write your entire ebook in one go and do the layout at the end.

Personal, I even recommend that you delegate the layout for a hundred euros, because I can assure you that proofreading your ebook 2-3 times and creating the layout will be a chore, especially since you already know your ebook by heart !

In short ! Let’s go back to the layout application. So it’s not really a formatting application, you just write your ebook on it. This app is just the word processor available on Google Drive.

In addition to saving your ebook, you will most importantly: have no problem converting with this app. However, if you prefer Word, write everything in Word and copy and paste your raw ebook (unformatted) into Google Drive’s word processor.

Is it possible to add illustrations to the text?

He is very possible to add illustrations to the text of your ebook you can even add links to videos, other pages, your social networks, etc.

Do not forget to put your illustrations on Word, so that they do not end up in the middle of the text when published on, for example, the Amazon Kindle.

What is the preferred language for the text?

There isn’t really a preferred language, which is fine. depending on your goal with your ebook. If you’re creating an ebook for your business and the people who follow you, write it in French if they’re French.

If you want to publish a manga, write a Japanese version and a French version, because 90% of the manga is known first in Japan and then in France, etc. So choose according to your purpose.

What are the main restrictions (technical, tax, etc.) related to the publication and sale of the ebook that the author may face?

1 ) First of all, when you publish your ebook on the Amazon Kindle, the platform where most ebooks are sold, you don’t benefit from the full retail price of your ebook.

Depending on the sale price, you have a royalty of 70% or 35%.

  • 70% between 2.99 and 9.99 euros;
  • 35% below 2.99 and above 9.99 euros.

Royalties change by platform on which you sell. Be well informed when completing this section.

But as said, it’s not the profit in the sale of your ebook that will interest us. We’re not authors here who want to live off our ebooks, but entrepreneurs who want to attract customers thanks to this ebook.

I therefore recommend that you list your ebook at the lowest possible price in order to reach as many people as possible. For my part, I often use 2.99 euros for small ebooks and 9.99 or 27 for larger ones.

2) Before you need to publish your ebook, you must: fill in your tax information, TIN number etc. I will not elaborate on the subject. But if you are a student and you don’t have one, use the auto entrepreneur system and you can answer all the tax questions.

3 ) Copyright: There can sometimes be several disputes with people trying to steal your ebook or use parts for commercial purposes.

If you made your ebook yourself and didn’t copy it or get a lot of inspiration from someone, you are protected against counterfeiting and can file a complaint. For more information on this topic, visit this article: How to protect your ebook from counterfeiting?

In short! If you want to start writing an ebook to develop your business, know that writing an ebook without any knowledge about the subject isn’t going to give you great results.

Don’t be part of the 90% of authors who take the time to write an ebook and end up publishing it poorly, optimizing nothing and ending up selling next to nothing.

Train and learn to write the content well, publish the ebook well to sell it as soon as it is published and make it known!

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