HI helps Shelcia pursue her passion for school

Eight-year-old Shelcia lives with her parents and cousin in Matola, a suburb of Maputo, Mozambique. The girl was born with a physical and motor handicap that prevents her from walking alone. She uses a wheelchair and needs help with certain daily activities, such as taking a bath.

Shelcia is a very playful girl. Being spontaneous and very sociable, she easily makes playmates. She also has many friends in her neighborhood, with whom she likes to spend time.

Shelcia, a passionate schoolgirl

Shelcia is in the third year of Patrice Lumumba Primary School. This inclusive school welcomes disabled students thanks to the adapted guidance of teachers. Filomena, Shelcia’s mistress, is very attentive to the girl’s needs and involves her in all activities.

“My teacher is great”, Shelcia excited. “My classmates are also very nice. They help me during class and in the break, we all have fun together. During recess, I like to stay in class and make my friends laugh. I have thousands of friends at school! My best friends are Yumina, Leonelcia, Hortência, Estesse, Albertina and Leotência. »

Going to school has completely changed her life. She discovered a real eagerness to learn and applies herself a lot. “I like going to school” she explains. “I really enjoy learning. I can already count and now I’m learning to write the vowels. » The little girl is full of ambition and does not intend to stop there. Because Shelcia wants to become a doctor with a clear goal in mind: she also wants to be able to help other children.

Specific support for learning

Shelcia used to have trouble writing. Indeed, his wheelchair prevented him from sitting across from a desk. Without a table to lean on, she had to write with her legs. Through his inclusive education project, HI supported his family, who were determined to find a solution. His father installed a personalized desk for him, thanks to a wooden plank attached to his wheelchair. She can now place her notebook and books at the correct height and write with her hands.

Shelcia’s father, Ananias, asked for educational support for Shelcia, to help her develop her skills and continue her school career. Cristina and Gláucia, members of the HI team in Mozambique, offer them specific support and regularly organize personal or telephone support and awareness sessions. “They often come to my house and help me a lot. They are my rock, because they support me enormously. » concludes Ananias.

The inclusive school is a place where we learn to help each other

Shelcia’s school is a bit far from her home. Since the little girl cannot go there alone, her father and cousin help her. Shelcia’s father, Ananias, testifies: “My daughter can easily move around at home or at school. On the other hand, it is more difficult for her to use public transport because people do not pay attention to her disability: for example, they do not give her priority. »

Ananias continues: “Everything is going well at school and Shelcia’s teacher is great, helping her a lot in learning. My daughter was very well received by her teacher and her classmates. The fact that the school is inclusive is essential as it is a further step towards the inclusion of children with disabilities. In an inclusive school, children learn to help and support each other. In this way the other children learn that the handicap makes no difference. »

Shelcia’s family is quite modest and cannot afford the medicines prescribed for the little girl. Her father, Ananias, does not work and takes care of her. He is convinced of his abilities: “My daughter is very intelligent. I know she will continue her studies and go to university. »

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