Crypto: Shiba Inu (SHIB) clothing, soon in our dressing room?

When will a SHIB clothing line come out? It won’t be long, given the recent updates. Indeed, fashion designer John Richmond has promised to design Shiba Inu clothing in the near future. As the icing on the cake, streetwear brand has just announced that it will now integrate SHIB and ETH into its payment system.

SHIB x Richmond, the first SHIB clothing in perspective

Since February of this year, rumors have been circulating about the imminent release of Shiba Inu clothing. Now that it’s July, no items from the SHIB x RICHMOND merger have been seen online or in physical stores. No doubt the ShibArmy is out of patience at this point.

Only information leaked onto Twitter a month ago, through the account of a very well-known SHIB influencer, MILKSHAKE. The details regarding the tags to be associated with Shiba Inu John Richmond clothes really made enthusiasts happy.

Admittedly, these labels have not yet been approved, but they show great creativity from John Richmond. By the way, 30 minutes after MILKSHAKE’s tweet, Italian-English fashion designer Richmond posted this on the same social network:

#LegendsLiveForever when a strong new symbol is born. We trust in the good. Stay awake for a more exclusive look into the world of John Richmond. We are working on great things for the #ShibArmy community and the fashion world. »

Upon seeing the logo in the center of this decal, stamped “Rock N Roll” and “In Good We Trust,” Shiba Inu fans made Twitter rain down “Woof!” “.

Dripto now supports SHIB

Please note, this news should not be confused with the release of Shiba Inu clothing. is primarily a clothing and sneaker company headquartered in San Francisco.

Here is the translation of Inna Dripto’s message on Twitter on July 7:

Hey @shibtoken. Today, $SHIB has become a means of payment at #dripto @driptotoken online marketplace built specifically to accept #cryptocurrencies. It is possible to spend SHIB to buy #sneakers online! The SHIB has become a value in the real world! Remember this day! Congratulations! »

The addition of SHIB and ETH (supported by a new roadmap) in the ecosystem is therefore the beginning of a great adventure, which is enhanced by the creation of its own DRYP token.

Surely it won’t be long to see the light of day given the preparations Dripto has already deployed:

  • weekly lottery organization with Air Jordan sneakers, ETH or even luxury products;
  • launch of a marketplace conducive to buying, (re)selling goods with crypto assets;
  • creation of an authentic blockchain-rooted loyalty reward system called “ Drip Grains » ;
  • etc

Note that the ” Drip Grains can benefit both SHIB owners and prospective owners of Shiba Inu streetwear. Indeed, thanks to this mechanism, the latter will be able to buy sneakers and other goods no less interesting. Of course, holders of DRYP, CULT, VOLD, USDT, USDC and ETH can also enjoy this privilege.

All this allows us to predict a bright future for the Shiba Inu. With 1.2 million users, SHIB clothing will sell quickly once it hits the market. Otherwise, at the time of writing, CoinGecko reports that SHIB is trading at 0.0001213, with a market cap of $7,141,464,024. The 7-day growth rate is 3.4%. Granted, we’re still a long way from the SHIB at 1 cent, but we’re still hoping he eats a zero soon.

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