The director of a management school who is the target of a fraud complaint

Have students from Lyon fallen victim to a massive scam? At least that is what they claim by accusing the director and founder of the SHG Lyon, Franceinfo says. A student also filed a complaint against this man last March for “fraud” and “breach of trust”. Why such accusations? Founded about five years ago, the SHG Lyon school specializes in management and the hotel sector. Initially, according to this student, everything works fine. Students have to pay a tuition fee of 22,100 euros for two years. Classes continue as normal and students have a teacher for each subject. But everything will change during the second incarceration in the fall of 2020.

On this date, according to the words of the 24-year-old student, the lessons will be done by video, the health situation requires. Problem, she notices that there is only one professor teaching…all subjects. And it would be the director himself. Asked by Franceinfo, the director in question confirms, saying that “there is no law prohibiting the teaching of courses”, that he “has 20 years of experience in the hotel sector” and that the students “were pleased with the courses given”. Problem, for the students who have exchanged between them for a long time, the quality of the courses is not there. “We always did the same thing, we really didn’t learn anything to be a manager,” the student laments.


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According to her, not only were the things covered in class of the same kind as what she had learned in the bachelor’s degree, but also the students were mixed in the classes despite different levels, from the bachelor’s to the MBA. Not true according to the director who emphasizes his school’s offer “which offers six months of classes and six months of internship”. Elsewhere invisible according to him. Problem, the students discover in January 2022 that the school is in liquidation, because it is bankrupt, in other words, it cannot continue its activities. According to our colleagues, there will then be a meeting between the students and the director, which he confirmed, the latter mentioning administrative problems. He would also have appealed. He wants to present a new file next December. But what about internships and degrees? Questioned by the students, the judicial liquidator recalls that “the absence of continued activity since January 12, 2022 prohibits the signing of internship agreements and the issuance of diplomas”.

He also indicates that the director will continue to teach and is looking for recruitment before the start of the school year. Is the school an empty shell? According to the director, the students were sent to other schools in the group. Because the man heads other entities in France (Nice, Paris…) and in Europe in Barcelona or Lisbon. There was also one in Geneva that was forcibly liquidated in December 2020. Today, the students deplore the entrepreneur’s silence, but no one followed the Franceinfo questioned for fear, according to his lawyer, “publicity and the impact it could have had on their education”.


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The young girl, who quit her management internship, is a receptionist in a Parisian hotel, but has to pay back a loan of 30,000 euros if she never graduated. Another lawsuit is pending, this time involving SHG’s Paris branch. After payment of 12,500 euros tuition fees, a student claims the reimbursement. Mixing levels between students and internships that do not match management are also mentioned here.


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