Rapper Booba wants to end influencer business: “This story is not a clash, it is a demand for justice”

Rapper Booba has been waging a war on social networks against the influencers he calls “Influvoleurs” for several weeks now. In an interview with Liberation and published on the front page this Friday, the rapper says he is a “whistleblower” against the practices of certain influencers and calls on the political world and the government to “respond” to prevent scams.

One of his targets in this battle: influencer Magali Berdah, whom he calls “the queen of futility”, also a columnist on the program Touche Pas A Mon Poste and creator of the Shauna Events agency, which manages the advertising contracts of the majority. of reality TV influencers in France.

If Booba, also known as “The Duke of Boulogne”, were to joust against these influencers, it was to expose their dubious business. He therefore wants to put an end to this “totally fake world”.

Well-informed on the subject, the rapper exposes the practices these influencers use to easily make (a lot of) money through drop shipping, a sales system that allows e-merchants to sell products without having to buy them. A marketing concept that is very well known to influencers who he considers to be people with “no talent” and who promote “the culture of emptiness”.

“Now that I’m in it, I have to finish”

“Their delirium there, drop shipping, is abhorrent. And I, because I’m making an impact and I’m being followed on the networks, it’s my mission to expose it,” explains Liberation before giving an example of drop shipping. “For example, you pay 38 euros on the Internet to receive a cream or whatever, and you receive at best a bad tube for 5 euros in an Aliexpress package, and often nothing at all. They take 33 euros. Except you your money is gone.”

Elie Yaffa, his real name, promises to fight influencer scams to the very end. “I realize today that there are a lot of people waiting for this to be said, for this bus to go by. But now the Booba bus is here to take anyone on board who wants them to pay for their crimes… Now that I’m here I’m doing it, I have to finish.”

The beginning of this war started with a story between Booba and Marc Blata, a former reality TV candidate turned influencer and cryptocurrency in particular. “Marc Blata, went on a crusade against me for a story about a fake watch I got. He started telling all kinds of lies about me. I discovered at that time that his trading cryptocurrencies and trading was completely faked. I went to war against him on social networks,” explains the 45-year-old rapper who currently lives in Miami.

Banned from Instagram due to reports

Booba then wanted to understand why thousands of internet users accused influencers of scamming on social networks. The rapper went on to reveal several examples of scams while attacking the “influencers” as he calls them in a sometimes vulgar manner. Except his Instagram account was closed due to numerous reports. “I sue the scammers, they close my account instead of preventing them from stealing. When I went to war and exposed their system, they started reporting my accounts everywhere. I targeted them, that’s true, but for practice the obvious scams. It’s not possible to be so many devils.”

As a whistleblower, Booba wants to bring down an entire system and get the political world to respond. He also took legal action against Magali Berdah in particular. “We have submitted complaints and reports to the specialized services (…) The authorities must respond, I am not the Fraud Minister,” he explains before setting aside some passages from his sulfur past.

“Sometimes I get tackled, like I’m not an acolyte because I bump into Kaaris, but it just has nothing to do with that. There are financial problems, a lot of money. Influencers make money. Money so fast that they have no concept of reality. Their defense strategy against me to victimize himself. But let’s not lose sight of who is scamming people, in this case I am a pitcher alert,” describes the one who takes off his rapper cap in this fight.

“This story is not a clash, it is a demand for justice. And when it is over, I will bring oranges to Magali Berdah,” he concludes.

A few days ago, Magali Berdah stated in a press release on Instagram that she was also taking legal action against Booba for “massive online harassment” and it is mainly thanks to this legal action that the rapper’s account has been banned from social media. network.

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