Crypto: Would you be willing to get paid in Shiba Inu (SHIB)?

With over a million users, some employers believe that paying salaries in SHIB would be legitimate. If the idea tempts them, all they need to do is turn to NOWPayement, which has just launched a mass payment tool designed for Shiba Inu payments.

Receive your salary in SHIB thanks to NOWpayments

It has now been 4 days since NOWpayments released its SHIB salary payment solution. NOWpayments, which is none other than a payment gateway for crypto assets, has always caught the attention of Shiba Inu. Didn’t make them burn to support the ShibArmy in December 2021?

It’s by companies with fans of the memecoin among his staff to pay their salary in SHIB which she believes contribute to the achievement of the “moon” target.

To do this, they just need:

  • create a NOWPayments account;
  • generate an API key;
  • fill out the NOWpayemts form for mass payment requests;
  • activate the mechanism by sending a request to:[email protected];
  • deposit SHIB into their account;
  • Check the box “Create a mass paymentin the sales section;
  • download the .csv file in which the amount of the wages in SHIB of each employee is recorded;
  • proceed to payment.

What are the benefits of paying salaries in crypto?

We can even ask the question:what are the benefits of paying salaries in cryptocurrency?»

We are not at the beginning of the history of payroll in cryptocurrencies. For example, the mayors of Miami and New York have announced that they receive their salaries in bitcoin. At the beginning of the year we also met a Belgian parliamentarian who decided to receive his salary in bitcoin. And then other athletes followed.

But until then no payment in SHIB.

However, if you accept that your employees pay in Shiba Inu, you will enjoy many benefits such as:

  • speed: or immediacy, which banks struggle with given the number of days it takes to complete a transaction;
  • independence: in fact, this is the first advantage associated with cryptocurrencies, the absence of trusted third parties and access to a decentralized peer-to-peer system;
  • the appeal of employees: especially those who are crypto enthusiasts and prefer to minimize the costs associated with the manipulation of their assets;
  • tax optimization: it depends on the country, but since cryptocurrencies are considered property in the United States, high-income workers will benefit from paying in SHIB;
  • access to an asset with high investment potential: especially if the value of the SHIB starts to rise, to the point where the long-dreamed 1 centime is reached;
  • transparency and confidentiality: on the one hand, there is the blockchain that ensures transparency in all cryptographic transactions, and on the other hand, the ability to maintain anonymity with regard to the crypto holders;
  • Security: As sole owner of his salary in SHIB, the employee will avoid the masked Ponzi of fiat.

Note, however, the importance of the “legal” component of the wage payment in SHIB. It is up to the employer to carefully check the specific legal situation of his country of residence. At the moment we only have El Salvador and the Central African Republic as countries that have legalized bitcoin. If you are based in China, you should be careful with this government that has always been jealous of cryptocurrencies.

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