Alexandre Navarro, the new president of FRAMCO has big ambitions

After several life stages (not so easy), Alexandre Navarro decided to look further in his goals by taking on an entirely new role, that of President of the FACC – West Florida. He came to the United States in 2016 to open a small business and today is an emblematic figure in the Tampa region.

Portrait of a determined man, husband, father and entrepreneur.

One day he decides to emigrate. Between Bali and the US there is a balance of hearts. The decision is difficult. If he might regret the final choice today, 6 years ago, the decision was obvious. It will be the United States. The land where anything can happen. The one in which any company can work, any concept can explode, just by working hard and networking well. One thing is certain, Alexandre Navarro has ambition. An ambition that FRAMCO really needs to develop.

His New Role for the FACC – West Florida

A “new role” for president, not so new after all.

In June 2020, the West Florida Chamber of Commerce is seeking Alexandre Navarro for the position of Vice President. A kind of cry for help to get back on track. They needed a businessman as well as a human being in the first sense of the word. One of those rare people who still wears his heart on his sleeve. In any case, enough to fill the position of Vice-President of FRAMCO on a voluntary basis and to put all his energy into it every day.

This is what Alexandre Navarro did.

This Tuesday, June 26, 2022, he said yes. And after two years in second place, the latter now occupies the pole position, that of President of the FACC – West Florida. A timely appointment, as the Tampa region, currently in full economic expansion, is an endless playground for the Frenchman who arrived from Saint-Étienne.

A playground with some pitfalls, but also many opportunities for development. Projects in mind, and on paper Alexandre Navarro has several hats for this new role: business developer, marketing management, budget and personnel management. As a representative at embassies and the government, at large companies and within the board.

A wide variety of missions to complete, which he ticks off brilliantly. And that’s just the beginning.

An ambitious business developer

A talent that I felt from the first words of this organized hyperactive. The will to create, to learn, to develop is very present. His career as an entrepreneur in the US is proof of that.

In 2016, he landed on US soil with an E-2 Investor Visa to open a hair salon in Venice, Florida. Then, after being a freelance digital marketing consultant, he opened the doors of his own marketing agency in March 2019. And taking on the position of Vice President of the West Florida Chamber of Commerce in June 2020 will not prevent Alexandre Navarro from accepting the position of Commercial Marketing Director for Keepontrack USA.

Multifunctionality that pays off. The Chamber of Commerce is becoming what it deserves to be. But even if he has managed to join the wave of successful French entrepreneurs, this green card holder husband and father is gradually feeling the lack of France. Food of course. But also education and European culture. And perhaps part of the concern for America’s future, too. Like everyone here recently.

Who knows what life has in store for him in the coming years…

Thanks to Alexandre Navarro for this privileged interview. It was fun, as always. Good luck in these new features, the road is long, but the arrival is well deserved.

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