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PRESS RELEASE. ROLA, a community platform for the crypto industry, allows users to participate in AI-powered predictions on all aspects of the market, while professional analysts leverage real-time market insights alongside market insights. The ROLA app allows users to consume market insights while improving through user votes. Thus, the algorithm enhances the signals it receives from the community and in return delivers accurate predictions. In this way, ROLA strongly encourages a Predict-To-Earn ecosystem.

What ROLA brings to the Web3 community

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The crypto community has witnessed projects supported by a robust social community and tokenomics that have survived all market cycles. is one such project that is about to enter the blockchain ecosystem.

When ROLA started developing their Web3 project, the first thing they tackled was to be not only community driven, but community oriented as well. Most projects after ICO success tend to focus less on the community that played a major role in the success, but with ROLA the community is still the priority. More information about ROLA and how they are changing the dynamics of participating in the Web3 community.

Understanding the ROLA ecosystem

ROLA’s AI-powered tools help members make informed decisions and learn to trade cryptocurrency while having fun. The ROLA ecosystem is packed with features that users can take advantage of. it offers

AI-based signals

ROLA provides users with AI-powered signals for up to 120 crypto pairs, with more pairs in the future. The real-time feed of crypto pairs keeps the ROLA community up to date. Users can read community signals and votes on crypto pairs and follow the price action of their favorite coin. The Reiterative Open Learning Algorithm – ROLA is repetitive in the sense that it continuously absorbs community wisdom. The base layer of Meta AI engines acquires knowledge and makes improvements based on market data; The second layer contains user votes and predictions and derives information from them.

AI accumulates and evolves as more predictive inputs are incorporated into the ecosystem as ROLA’s social community and network grows, giving users better insights. By doing this, we set up a feedback loop where the community notifies an AI, who then helps the community in return.

Game-fi: Game ecosystem prediction to win

ROLA has built in an engaging experience in the form of Predict-To-Earn games to promote user engagement and interactivity. The gameplay allows community members to enjoy and challenge other Rolarians in meme wars and other games.

Predict 2 Earn is based on the concept of the play-to-earn game model, where users are incentivized for their gameplay. ROLA ecosystem users earn $ROLA tokens by making predictions on major crypto assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Predictions are divided into three sessions, each lasting 8 hours (and user predictions close 1 hour before the end of that session).

Users have to predict whether the 8-hour session will end in green or red, symbolizing the trade’s candlestick pattern. The reward is calculated based on the participation rate, the number of users and the number of predictions that are close to the result. A draw takes place if too many users vote at the same time to validate the predictions. In addition, all active participants are rewarded with Rolagram NFTs.

Social-fi – The Social Media App

The social media fi app allows users to browse popular crypto trends. ROLA is introducing a subscription-based service that also allows community members to get in-depth insights from experienced cryptocurrency analysts and traders.

Users can also join paid alpha channels (which will be launched after launch) and connect to premium KOLs. Another option is to join public channels where users can discuss new projects and share valuable information.


To reward users for their participation and activity throughout the month, ROLA has developed a unique NFT-ROLAGRAM hologram. This NFT is exclusive to the user and is designed based on the activities that a user has performed. The algorithm takes into account details such as: mentions of their monthly activities, engagement and voting history to generate Rolagram.

Each user will receive a personalized NFT at the end of the month, which they can obtain by redeeming $ROLA tokens. The company aims to make these NFTs tradable soon after launch. It also allows users to make the most of the unique metaverse experience.

ROLAVERSE gives users a real metaverse experience

ROLA, the first AI-based crypto community, aims to create a robust social ecosystem that includes all Metaverse features, such as Game-Fi and NFT, that connect and empower the community. It transcends conventional measures of being limited to profit and strives for social connectedness.

It provides users with the authentic decentralized experience of a metaverse where users can connect via Social-fi. They can also play games and earn rewards by wagering their $ROLA tokens in the ROLACoaster game. In addition, the platform goes one step further and allows users to generate a personalized NFT.

To conclude

ROLA is a next-generation social platform that uses artificial intelligence to provide signals about crypto pairs to users and in turn enhances user feedback and voting learning. In addition to AI-based recommendations, ROLA provides playful predictions about future price movements for major cryptocurrencies.

As Rosalind Lee, ROLA’s Chief Product Officer, put it: “ROLA is all about creating a nurturing community that is truly ‘WAGMI’. We’re in it together and we’ll all benefit from it.

A dynamic and connected community is what the ROLA (Reiterative Open Learning Algorithm) ecosystem is trying to bring about. With a complete ecosystem (AI), it adapts to the collective wisdom of the community and returns enhanced and tailored information to the community for the benefit of “Rolarians”. Using the repetitive deep learning model and Web 3.0 framework, ROLA gives you insights and insights that improve your ROLA pet’s intelligence. Follow ROLA on Twitterand disagreement to keep abreast of the latest industry developments.

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