Minecraft: Rejected by Mojang, NFT Vendors Respond!

Game news Minecraft: Rejected by Mojang, NFT Vendors Respond!

In fact, the issue of cyptocurrencies, NFTs and all decentralized and dematerialized assets is complex. In video games, the question is all the more complex as these NFTs are presented as a means of speculation and/or digital collection.

Minecraft: Mojang and Microsoft don’t want NFTs

Several projects devoted entirely to NFTs were launched with mixed reactions. Steam removed these, Peter Molyneux (Fable) brought in tens of millions Legacy, and many “play to win” games are a hit, such as Doge Dash. But the players reacted rather badly to the initiative of Ubisoft, the developers of STALKER 2 have declinedSEGA studies the subject and Square Enix seems to believe it through his CEO. In general, the whole industry is studying NFTs and blockchain, seen as: a potential lever for growth.

But recently it has become Minecraft, the best-selling game in the world if we add up the different versions, who was at the heart of a topic on NFTs, these “non-fungible tokens”. Given the popularity of the game, which continues to showcase players’ creativity, the case quickly caused a stir. Indeed, some groups of players have started for sale unofficial NFTs from minecraft. Microsoft and Mojang were quick to respond, stating that these NFTs is not authorized or supportedbecause they go against the values ​​passed by the title:

To ensure a safe and inclusive experience for Minecraft players, blockchain technologies cannot be integrated into our client and server applications, and Minecraft game content, such as worlds, skins or other mods, cannot be used by blockchain technology to make it a rare digital asset. (…)

We are also concerned that some third-party NFTs are unreliable and end up costing players who acquire them. Some third-party NFT implementations also rely entirely on blockchain technology and may require an asset manager who can disappear without notice. There have also been instances where NFTs have been sold at artificially or fraudulently inflated prices. (…)

The fear around you abuse and speculation is therefore, in addition to the values ​​sent by Minecraft, one of the reasons for their rejection. Some would say it’s also because Mojang and Minecraft don’t have it nothing to gain about these unofficial NFTs, but no statement has been made about this.

One of the rejected groups will make its own game in the blockchain

But one of the largest groups devoted to NFT in Minecraft, NFT Worlds, hasn’t said its last word yet. On Twitter, the group indicated that the refusal of Mojang and Microsoft and the absence of “attention to creators”He went create your own game and your own platform.

In addition to a trailer, which obviously uses retouched Minecraft images, NFT World has indicated that it will be a “fully decentralized, fully customizable, community-driven, monetized gaming platform where world owners can create their own games or metaverse experiences with no restrictions on players or exclusive communities within their worlds”. Aware that the video makes the project look like a Minecraft clone, the group states:

This is not a rewrite of an open source Minecraft clone, which would likely violate the Terms of Service or risk further legal action, it was created from scratch. This transition will also be accompanied by a change of brand identity for the public (…)

We believe that an open, free, and evolved version of what Minecraft has brought to the world will provide a brighter future for creators, developers, and ultimately players. We fight for a future with a player-owned and operated economy, where all participants benefit from their contributions to the ecosystem. We recognize that this is a monumental task.

Hard to say if the idea will make it, but the group seems convinced of the merits of its initiative. On the community side, some players support the idea, but the majority seem very satisfied Mojang and Microsoft’s decision.

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