Michel Cymes and his difficult period in medical school: “I took amphetamines”

Medical school was a tough time for Michel Cymes. (Photo by JOEL SAGET/AFP via Getty Images)

He is considered the most popular doctor in the PAF. Michel Cymes will be at the helm of the program “The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body” this Tuesday, July 26, 2022, alongside his longtime sidekick Adriana Karembeu. But during his studies, Michel Cymes also pushed the limits of his body, in particular by using drugs to improve his performance.

Medical studies are among the most demanding studies in the world, and students entering this complicated discipline are under enormous pressure: intensive work, low wages during their internships, fear of having their patients’ lives in their hands (in the literal sense of the word). of the term)… Medical school is therefore generally a complicated passage. Over the years, many students and alumni have said that the difficult pace made them swallow unpalatable products. Michel Cymes is one of them.

Video. Michel Cymes talks about his last day before his medical retirement

Amphetamines to hold

Michel Cymes, an emblematic doctor who presents numerous popularization programs on the small screen, has earned the nickname of “the most famous doctor in the French audiovisual landscape”, and he is regularly invited as an expert to talk on topics related to medicine . However, during his studies, he himself was not spared, as in September 2018 he entrusted the microphone of France Inter in the program “The original band”. “I had to persevere. Internship is a terrible preparation. As long as possible, to work, I took a drug. I believe it was called ‘the computer’ at the time.”

Many years later, he looked at the composition of this drug, which allowed him to set the pace: “I looked at what it was a few years later, because I didn’t know, and they were amphetes. So all that to be able to sustain, Yes!” However, the doctor waited to know a little better about pharmacology before taking anything during his training, confirming that he hadn’t taken anything “in the first year of medicine.” ‘Because you don’t know medicine very well and you don’t know what to take or not to take. But I admit today that I used amphetamines in preparation for boarding school, ie in the sixth year of study.’

The Dangers of Amphetamines

Adderall in the United States, Ritalin (and other methylphenidate-based drugs) in France: These drugs commonly prescribed in the context of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are often consumed outside of a medical setting by performance-seeking college students. These drugs have a reputation for increasing focus and energy and are often sold under the counter as “student drugs.” However, if taken without a prescription and without regular medical monitoring, they can cause many side effects.

Among them we find in particular the occurrence of motor or verbal tics, aggressiveness, lack of appetite, even hallucinations, paranoia or depression, but also headaches and palpitations. The ANSM (National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products) regularly sounds the alarm about abuse of these drugs, which also concerns the Center for Evaluation and Information on Drug Dependence in Paris. As a reminder, no medicine should be taken lightly, otherwise it will have a major impact on health. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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