Summer work at schools

In parallel with the Schools Plan, with the creation and transformation of school groups, the city takes advantage of the summer to carry out numerous works, of all kinds, in Mulhouse schools. Thus, 139 operations are on the agenda.

If the students are not there, we will get to work in the Mulhouse schools! From painting to alarm installations, including installing bicycle sheds or erecting fences, not to mention the more important operations related to buildings, 139 works are scheduled for this summer, 93 of which will be in internal project management by the Education Department. from the city.

“Education is one of our main priorities, which is given constant attention, emphasizes the mayor of Mulhouse, Michèle Lutz. We want to give young Mulhouse residents the best possible basis, school determines their future. » With 63 schools and school groups welcoming 12,000 pre-schoolers and primary students, Mulhouse’s school heritage is constantly being highlighted to provide the best learning conditions.

5 million euros per year

Catherine KohlerA new BCD is being prepared at the Kleberschool…

Parallel to the City Schools Plan, with a budget of 80 million euros over ten years, for the renovation and establishment of ten Mulhouse schools (read our article), a lot of work takes place in all Mulhouse schools during the school holidays. It concerns the thermal and sound renovation of buildings, aligning accessibility, improving heritage, securing schools or even constructing bicycle sheds and restoring school playgrounds, in particular revegetation. Illberg and Brossolette schools.

“The works in the schools are of different nature: there are calamities that are handled all year round, planned maintenance, heavier work, damage to buildings and finally the creation of new schools,” explains Alexandre Hourcade, Director of the Education Department , from. The annual budget for maintenance and works (excluding School Plan) for Mulhouse schools therefore amounts to 5 million euros.

Major works at Sellier, Jules Ferry and Kleber

Catherine KohlerOne of the new classes at the Sellier School.

Operations underway this summer include the completion of the refurbishment extension of the Sellier Kindergarten, which started in October 2020 and will be completed before the start of the 2022 school year. Following the extension of the base building, completed in 2020 , the kindergarten is with more than 400 m . grown2 with four new classrooms, a room for the ATSEM, storage and a nap, where the children can rest in the coolness, the building is particularly well insulated. This summer’s works mainly relate to the renovation of the basic building that served as a relay kindergarten, the duration of the works, the complete renovation of the sanitary facilities and the end of the exterior works, with in particular increased vegetation, composed, among other things, climbing plants on a structure attached to the building, creating shade. The cost of this renovation extension is 1.5 million euros.

Catherine KohlerWork in progress, in the hallways of Jules Ferry School.

On the side of Jules Ferry primary school in Drouot, the second and final phase of the renovation of the corridors and stairs is underway. In this beautiful red-brick building, the City’s teams are renovating the traffic areas, while preserving the remarkable elements of the site, such as the stained glass windows and glass roofs. The work here concerns wall coverings, painting, carpentry, electricity, lighting and suspended ceilings. Total cost for the two phases of the work: €280,000.

In the Fonderie district, Kleber primary school will receive new spaces from the start of the school year: a BCD (library – documentary center) and a new office in the former building of the caretaker. Budget: €85,000.

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