let’s be many this Wednesday to support the 6 forcibly transferred teachers

Impeccable files, conclusions of research that contain the language elements of a far-right newspaper

After consulting the 6 files, colleagues still do not understand what they are accused of and above all on what basis [cette décision de mutation] is supported. There is no conclusive or blatant element in every colleague’s files to show what is being accused “Reports the inter-union Ile-de-France press release (CGT Educ’action, FSU, Sud Education, CNT).

The administrative files, consulted by the six colleagues, are empty. And nothing seems a priori to justify the decision to ” transfer in the interest of the service (sic) made by DASEN against six colleagues (affiliated with Sud Education and with Snuipp-FSU) who have many professional assets that any school (moreover REP+) would envy: stability with sometimes more than 10 years of seniority in the school, dedication to students with projects on gender equality, trust and a close relationship with the parents of students….

Nothing but the desire to “responding to alleged ‘charges’ on far-right media”. Indeed, an article published in The wrong, an ideologically entrenched far-right duck, targeted the Pasteur school for its practices toward gender equality and its trade union climate. The conclusions of the DASEN justifying the forced transfers even go as far as to resume ” language elements that are even close to each other ” specify the unions.

A decision in line with the hunt for “wokists and Islamo-leftists” led by Blanquer

What teachers are accused of is: “in support of the council of mistresses as this body is defined in the Education Code” explains the press release. The council of mistresses is nothing but an organ of coordination and collegiality between the members of a teaching team, necessary to organize the life of the institution and the educational projects. For the unions it is a matter of direct attack “the independence of the official as defined by [les] statutes in the 1983 Act relating to the Rights and Obligations of Public Officials”to undermine work collectives and pedagogical freedom and to vigorously establish the headmaster’s authority as envisioned by the new Rilhac Act, hitherto regarded as a teaching peer among his peers.

This repression technique is not new, not at national level, but especially in Seine-Saint-Denis (93): in 2019 it targeted four colleagues from the Collège République de Bobigny, all of whom are also committed trade union activists. In 2021 it will be Hélène, teacher at Marie-Curie primary school in Bobigny, also activist at Sud Education and committed to a more inclusive approach to education. At Angela Davis High School in Saint-Denis, four teachers have been the target of disciplinary proceedings targeting both their involvement in union mobilizations and their teaching practices, denounced as “Islamo Leftists” in a false article in the Express. Earlier this year, a teacher from Sud-Education 93 who was a member of a union and a member of the board of directors of Marcelin Berthelot secondary school in Pantin, was summoned by the rectorate for reading a poem.

Every time, the bogeyman of so-called “Islamo-leftism” and “wokism” is agitated, and often based on slanderous accusations in the press, to threaten and punish the unions and education teams committed to breaking public education service and for a more inclusive pedagogy for students.

Wednesday 20 April: strike and demonstration in front of the Ministry of Education at 2 pm.

For two weeks, Pasteur School has been mobilizing relentlessly, with the support of the pupils’ parents. Although the strike at the school has been indefinite since the announcement of the transfer sanctions, a meeting was held for the DSDEN in Bobigny on April 8, and then on April 12, with nearly 500 people.

Faced with the refusal of the Departmental Education authorities to answer questions and receive delegations, it is necessary to increase the pressure. Wednesday, April 20, at 2 p.m., let’s say no to the wave of education repression by the Blanquer ministry.

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