in the footsteps of the crown princess at the Royal Military Academy

Within a month, Prince Gabriel of Belgium in turn enters the Royal Military Academy. His older sister, Princess Elisabeth, attended this school for a year of military training. Prince Gabriel will join the social sciences section.

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The Royal Military School welcomes Prince Gabriel

The Royal Military Academy will soon welcome Prince Gabriel, the second child of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde. The young man celebrates his 19th birthday, two days before entering the Royal Military Academy (ERM). He continued a long family tradition of princes who had joined the army. Prince Gabriel is 2nd in line of succession.

The Royal Military Academy (ERM) is the only Belgian university subsidized by the state that imposes an internship on its cadets. The education in the school includes both a practical and theoretical military part, and a university part, depending on the chosen course. Prince Gabriel chose the social sciences sector.

Prince Gabriel of Belgium, 19, will soon join the Royal Military Academy (Photo: Albert Nieboer/DPA/Abacapress)

In August 2020, Princess Elisabeth, Duchess of Brabant and heiress to the Belgian throne, joined the ERM. She had already opted for the Social and Military Sciences (SSWM) course. Like his sister Elisabeth, Gabriel joins the Dutch-speaking pool. The children of the King and Queen received most of their secondary education at Dutch-language schools in Brussels. They have completed their last two years in international schools. Elisabeth obtained her international baccalaureate at a boarding school in Wales, while Gabriel graduated from the International School of Brussels.

Princess Elisabeth during a training camp (Photo: F. Andrieu/ IsoPix/ABACAPRESS.COM)

Prince Gabriel has already had some contact with the military. In addition to the National Holiday military parade that he attended from an early age, he had accompanied King Philippe on a visit to the paratroopers, in June 2021, at the military airport of Melsbroek.

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Prince Gabriel follows in his older sister’s footsteps

Last year Prince Gabriel studied at the National Mathematics & Science College in Warwickshire. The palace announces that it has “completed” this training, which should provide the necessary baggage to participate in an English university. Prince Gabriel will therefore not continue on his first streak. Princess Elisabeth, for her part, has only been on the ERM for one year, but participates in reinforcement courses with her former classmates. She is also currently at training camp in Arlon. At the beginning of last school year, the Crown Princess made her debut at Lincoln College, a faculty of history and politics at the University of Oxford.

The Belgian monarchs and their four children photographed on July 21, 2022: Princess Éléonore, Prince Gabriel, Queen Mathilde, King Philippe, Princess Elisabeth and Prince Emmanuel (Photo: Abacapress)

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Prince Gabriel will participate in the ERM’s 162nd promotion on August 22. During the year he will take courses in communication, international relations and geopolitics, leadership, group work and management. After going through the first phases for a month, at the beginning of October, he received the blue beret of the Royal Military Academy. The new ERM cadets will then parade during a parade on the Esplanade du Cinquantenaire in Brussels facing the King.

King Philippe presents the blue beret to his daughter, Princess Elisabeth, on the occasion of the start of her officer cadet training, in October 2020 (Photo: ABACAPRESS.COM)

Princess Gabriel continues a family tradition. Before Princess Elisabeth, her cousin, Prince Amedeo, was the last member of the family to attend the Royal Military Academy. The eldest son of Princess Astrid came out of the 144th promotion in 2005, in the same sector as Elisabeth and Gabriel. Prince Laurent, uncle of Gabriel came from the 123rd promotion. King Filip himself graduated from the 118th All Arms promotion, which corresponds to the current course his children are taking. As for Prince Alexander, the third son of King Leopold III, he graduated from the 115th Polytechnic Promotion.

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