Human capital at the heart of a Business & Networking evening at the Club des Directeurs

The means of promoting human capital within the company in line with the recommendations of the New Development Model (NMD) were the focus of a Business & Networking evening recently organized in Casablanca at the initiative of the Club des Directeurs (CDD). Under the theme “The different axes of motivation of its human capital and the profiling of its employees”, this evening, which brought together a group of business leaders who are members of the CDD and specialists in human development, was an opportunity to are to promote the human resources within the Moroccan company as a fundamental lever for competitiveness, reports MAP. The host of the event, international expert in HRM, team management and in change management and transition management, Dr. Mohamed Benouarrek, discussed the methods of employee motivation and profiling which he considers to be two fundamentally connected components. As such, Mr. Benouarrek explained to the audience that the strategy of motivating human capital should not be undertaken in an abstract manner, but rather follow a course of action related to very different motivational cards. According to him, management and leadership, like psychology, must meet the criteria of adaptability. After banning standard and universal human resource management methods and calling on participants to put their theoretical knowledge into practice, the international expert emphasized the importance of developing a unique approach to interacting with employees, whose motivation is an essential determinant. factor for competitiveness. The CDD’s strategic advisor, Dr. Tariq Essaid, in turn, noted two main objectives that the Club aims to achieve through its meetings, which is to promote the economic activity of its members to make a positive contribution to the national momentum, as well as their adherence to NMD recommendations. With regard to the NMD, Mr Essaid indicated that the Club aims to follow the approach recommended by this new Kingdom Roadmap, the implementation of which requires the responsible involvement of the private sector, which is the wing of the Moroccan economy for achieving the Kingdom’s 2035 goals. The CDD’s development strategy aims to align with its 2035 vision, in line with the NMD’s recommendations, he added, reporting on the action of the Club to make its members aware of the concept of NMD and the expectations of the association in this regard. The CDD, argued Mr. Essaid, through its members, expresses the desire to ensure that, as part of its overall approach, all dimensions of economic development are considered, in this case the human dimensions and sustainable growth. The founding president of the CDD, Driss Drif, for his part, underlined the importance of the theme of human capital in business for both the Club and its members, notably pointing to the CDD’s ambition to be part of the NMD approach. in terms of promoting human capital, digital transformation and green finance. Mr. Drif also explained that the CDD is a business and influential hub that brings together business leaders who want to develop their networks in a responsible, qualitative, secure and efficient manner through monthly networking meetings. , to create synergies and new opportunities. Founded in April 2018, the Morocco Leaders Club is a meeting place that promotes the development of business opportunities, exchanges between entrepreneurs and synergies. It has more than 5,000 affiliate members in the 12 regions of the Kingdom, with 30 international representations on the four continents.

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