controversy after the sale of communal land to the Muslim school

Controversy is mounting after a Charlie Hebdo article published last Thursday raises suspicions that the Muslim school in Valencia is more proselytizing than educational. Everything starts from the last city council of Valence, on June 27. A deliberation voted by the elected officials of Nicolas Daragon’s team and France disobeyed. A plot of land near the mosque will be sold for EUR 500,000 to the “Valeurs et Résults” association so that it can expand its Muslim school, out of contract for the time being.

Bruno Casari (former LREM councilor) and Annie Roche (EELV) vote against. “I don’t want the city to be a facilitator for a school without a contract” explains Bruno Casari. The elected official added: “It is not a Muslim school that bothers me, but that the contract has expired, because when the contract is up, the National Education does not control it. Conclusion, I voted against because I want the children to receive a teaching that corresponds to the values of the Republic and I wasn’t sure.

Favorable judgment of the academy inspectorate

Not true, answers Mourad Jabri, the president of the association “Our values ​​are those of the Republic and school fundamentals are our priority. We have a report from the academy stating that.” And to add “What Charlie Hebdo wrote is incorrect! We signed a contract in November 2019” [comme le document que nous avons pu nous procurer ci-dessous en atteste], and we have a favorable advice provided that the property meets the requirements. That’s why we want to buy land to expand.”

The contract application of the school made in 2019 that receives a favorable opinion, subject to the compliance of the premises.

But according to our information, some members of the Valence association are also known to have close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. “Not really” continues Mourad Jabri,“I come from Valentin, a trader, a business manager. We are well integrated, we have good relations with the town hall and the prefecture, we just want to live quietly ! But anything to do with Islam or Muslims is controversial.” It also dismisses accusations about girls wearing the veil at school or not mixing classes. “But no !” does he correct?“The veil is prohibited by the bylaws and look at the photo taken during spelling in November 2021. In addition, we have partnerships with, for example, the School of Fine Arts, we are very open. Our educational project, it is based on excellence.”

Empty neighborhood schools?

Annie Roche, the elected Europe Ecology the Greens of Valence who also voted against the deliberation, regrets: “We are talking about neighborhoods like the Hauts de Valence where it is nevertheless very difficult to maintain a social and cultural mix. Accept that we have a school – because that’s where we go from kindergarten to university – where certainly only children who are Muslim are welcome. _So in these neighborhoods we’ll be clearing out the schools that are already good ghettos_. Schools are already suffering a lot. I just think the social and cultural fabric doesn’t need that! It is not a desirable model to learn to live together. This is not a Republican model!”

bad controversy

The mayor of Valence, for his part, points the responsibility to the state: “If this consultation ever violates the law against separatism, let the prefect tell me! But she did not oppose it, so I take it officially on”. USAaddressed by the editors, the prefecture said it was analyzing the mayor’s letter. But on the merits of the case, the mayor of Valence is struggling to understand this controversy: “_This school was established in 2012. It is audited every year by the National Education. She asked to go under contract. The conditions set by the State are: “favourable opinion, subject to suitable housing”.

The mayor confirms that the association wanted to settle in a private building in the city center or in a commercial area “I think it is completely unsuitable to be in an economic zone, or in a commercial zone, or in a residential area. When she asked us to buy land in the immediate vicinity of the mosque, it was ie right in front of the mosque , we responded positively” continues Nicolas Daragon.

Better control

Nicolas Daragon assumes that it is also a way for him to better control the school: “In the compromise, we were able to set specific conditions: the passage under contract, the control of the origin of the funds that must come exclusively from France or Europe (with an auditor who will confirm this) and no more one class per This means that we no longer vampire the classrooms in the neighborhood. And so we have a much stronger control than what the separatism law allows.

The chosen one, tired of this controversy, continues: “It means that, by accepting, we have real control over this school that normally does not have the town hall. Because I remind you that it is the National Education that systematically gives favorable advice and the Prefecture that never formally opposes the project . I questioned her several times” he remembers.

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