Banned from Minecraft, NFT Worlds announces it will make a better game, Microsoft and Mojang have indicated they don’t consider creators, builders and players

Last Wednesday, Microsoft-owned Mojang announced that NFTs and blockchain technology will no longer be allowed to be integrated into Minecraft. This was bad news for NFT Worlds, which spent months building an entire crypto economy on top of a collection of random seeds needed to create specific Minecraft maps.

On July 20, 2022, Mojang decided, without warning, to simply ban any integration of blockchain technology and NFTs into Minecraft. The move has completely disrupted emerging web3-based gaming platforms built on this technology, such as NFT Worlds, NFT Worlds officials say.

Hello all! We recently received feedback from community members asking for clarification and transparency regarding Mojang Studios and Minecraft’s stance on NFTs and blockchain. We wanted to take this opportunity to share our view that NFT integrations with Minecraft are generally not something we’re going to support or allow,” the official Minecraft site reads.

While players have long been able to charge for access to private Minecraft servers they manage, the company’s usage guidelines emphasize that all players should have access to the same features on these servers. This conflicts with the main point of NFTs, which Mojang has characterized as scarcity and exclusion-based digital property, which is inconsistent with Minecraft’s values ​​of creative inclusion and play together.

In our Minecraft usage guidelines, we explain how a server owner can charge for access and that all players should have access to the same features. These rules are intended to ensure that Minecraft remains a community where everyone can access the same content. However, NFTs can create patterns of scarcity and exclusion that go against our guidelines and the spirit of Minecraft.

NFT Worlds is a cryptocurrency gaming platform launched in October 2021. It enabled an ecosystem of the first interconnected but independent worlds operating with a single unified game currency, dozens of game modes newly developed by creators for Minecraft, and new free opportunities for players to earn items by simply enjoying and playing these games built on the platform absolutely free as long as players own a copy of Minecraft, the NFT team says.

NFT Worlds gave the world a vision of what large-scale Web3 technologies could bring to existing and new games. To date, NFT Worlds consists of nearly 200 independent project teams built on the platform, with a rapidly growing player base of nearly 100,000 registered and actively playing players around the world.

Selon NFT Words, Microsoft, Mojang et Minecraft ont signal qu’ils n’ont aucune considration pour les crateurs, les constructeurs et les joueurs si tout moment une nouvelle ide ou vision entre en conflit avec la politique interne ou les opinions de leur minorit de be able to ; regardless of their public ideals around the creators and developers they claim to be championing. This isn’t the first time Microsoft and Minecraft have implemented crippling new policies or enforcement of calendar-based creator rules across the Minecraft ecosystem, and certainly won’t be the last.

For now, players who own an NFT Worlds set NFT world can still use the random seed to play in Minecraft or even host multiplayer sessions on that map, as confirmed by a Microsoft spokesperson. But that doesn’t mean much, as the NFT itself never granted exclusive rights to this map, any more than writing “World 1-1” on a piece of paper gives any ownership rights to the iconic Super Mario Bros. level.

Under Microsoft’s new rules, the NFT Worlds blockchain can no longer connect to the Minecraft API. This means that players will no longer be able to easily make crypto payments in-game NFT Worlds $WRLD tokenized denominations, or take advantage of other code features using the NFT Worlds API.

The NFT Worlds team says they will prioritize backwards compatibility with existing Minecraft server development plugins and practices in their next clone. This means creators will need to keep building NFT Worlds content on Minecraft, with the team confident it will work with the new rebrand of the NFT Worlds game when it launches.

However, thanks to Mojang’s new EULA, further NFT Worlds related development in Minecraft may not include blockchain-based features, NFT support, or in-game currency at this time. And since these are the core features that defined the value of NFT Worlds as an add-on, it’s unclear what exactly the developers of NFT Worlds are going to do until their new Minecraft alternative is released.

Below is an excerpt from the NFT Words post

After a decade of enjoyable experiences playing and building within the Minecraft ecosystem. Minecraft is no longer a welcoming place for us or the creators involved with our platform. For many, that would be the end – but not for us. We saw the Preview of Something Too Special drop out. Thousands and thousands of others have done it too. We have already started bringing together the best and visionary developers within the Minecraft development ecosystem to join NFT Worlds.

We are creating a new game and platform based on many of the core Minecraft mechanics, but with the modernization and active development that Minecraft has been lacking for years. This is not a rewrite of an open source Minecraft clone, which would likely violate the EULA at the risk of legal action, this is a complete rewrite. Along with this transition will also come a change in brand identity for the public that is more player-friendly.

The gameplay style, look and feel will be very familiar to Minecraft players. Game mechanics, graphics, performance optimizations and general improvements make for a more accessible and enjoyable game.

Best of all, we are completely independent of the policy enforcement that Microsoft and Mojang have on Minecraft. We are really becoming our own game and open platform. Access to the game is 100% free for players and there will never be any barriers to credit card payments for content. Finally, we will prioritize backward compatibility with Minecraft server development practices. This ensures a smooth transition for existing content from our creators.

Source: NFT Words

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