State convicted of failing to report ex-school principal Romain Farina

The family of a victim of Romain Farina, a former school principal who was charged with rape and committed suicide in prison, had filed a complaint against the state. The man had been convicted a few years earlier.

State found guilty of misconduct. The administrative court of Grenoble has ruled in the case of Romain Farina, this former school principal from Villefontaine, in Isère, who was involved in dozens of rapes of children, as it turned out the Parisian. A family had filed a complaint alleging shortcomings on the part of state services that failed to report a man previously convicted of possessing child pornography images.

In March 2015, the case caused a stir. Romain Farina, who has been a teacher for fifteen years, is being sued by a child of CP who was educated in Villefontaine, in Isère. He had set up a scheme based on “taste workshops”. He blindfolded his little victims on the pretext of introducing them to new foods. In reality, he imposed oral sex on them in a corner of his classroom.

An undeclared conviction

The man has been taken into custody and taken into custody. More than 500,000 child porn files had been discovered in his computer. The ex-director has been filming all his crimes for years. But in April 2016, Romain Farina hanged himself in jail, depriving the victims of a trial. In total, justice recognized 48 before ending its investigation, as the respondent was dead.

The case had become controversial when the victims learned that Romain Farina had been found guilty of possessing child pornography images by the Bourgoin-Jallieu court in 2008. He had received a six-month suspended prison sentence and two years of compulsory care. National Education was never notified of this conviction, forcing the man to practice with children.

One of the families had seized the opportunity of the Grenoble Administrative Court to have the administration’s errors acknowledged. On July 7, the judiciary ruled that the lack of a report from the Bourgoin-Jallieu prosecutor’s office to the National Education was a “mistake committed by the state services”. This “error” had also led to the writing of the law of April 14, 2016 establishing the automatic communication of judicial decisions regarding the persons concerned who have regular contact with minors.

“The lack of information from the rectorate is the result of shortcomings in the organization of the public service of justice”, the administrative judge noted in his decision that was able to consult. The Justice Department believes that these violations “constitute a mistake that can cause state responsibility.

“A first recognition”

The Ministry of National Education has been acquitted by this court ruling, “the Rector was not informed at any time of the existence of this conviction” of 2008. “Due to the lack of communication between the state departments the Rectorate responsible for the management of Romain Farina was able to take the necessary measures for the protection of minors placed under its authority,” writes the Administrative Court of Grenoble.

For the family of the boy at the origin of this complaint, this decision is “satisfactory”. “It’s a first recognition,” notes their lawyer at Me Christophe Arroudj. Even a “proud” for this little boy, trained in the CP class in 2015, when justice admitted that he had to “oppose his teacher” by refusing to participate in the activities he suggested.

The state was thus ordered to pay compensation to the little boy for the damage he had suffered because he had been exposed to the risk of coming into contact with Romain Farina. “It’s not the most important thing, we hoped that a judge would recognize the dysfunctions of the judicial system,” summarizes Me Arroudj. The state now has two months to appeal this decision.

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