Bensaïd: Eventually each of the 12 regions of Morocco will have its school of fine arts

According to a press release from the Ministry of Culture, Rabat, Agadir, Oujda and Marrakech will initially be the next cities, after those of Tetouan and Casablanca, where every house will be a school of fine arts, before, in the medium term, each of 12 regions can host one.

To date, Morocco has only one state-recognized school of fine arts.

An objective confirmed by Mehdi Bensaïd, for whom the strategy of networking the national territory through the multiplication of schools of fine arts will allow to accommodate at least twenty students / year / city for a 3-year course with traditional education ( drawing, sculpting, etc.) but also new professions (gaming, design, etc.) with certain outlets.

Initially, the future establishments will be supervised for at least a year by the teachers of the school of Tetouan, which to date is the only one to boast the status of a school of fine arts.

Indeed, the latter is the only one recognized by the state, because the Casablanca School of Fine Arts falls under the municipality alone without any state recognition of its diploma.

At the end of 2023, the diplomas of the Casablanca school will be recognized

This is also the reason why the minister has just signed an agreement with the city to solve the problem of diploma recognition by focusing from next school year on education now provided by teachers of the university system.

According to Bensaïd, this will ensure that the diploma of the school of fine arts of the economic capital is recognized by the state from the end of next school year 2023-2024.

2 new branches created in 2023 and 2 more to follow in 2024

According to him, from next year two new schools will open in Rabat and Agadir and by 2024 the cities of Oujda and finally Marrakech will each have their school of fine arts.

Asked about the investment necessary for the 4 openings, the minister confirms that it is not problematic, unlike looking for specialized teachers who will have to be available but also paid by the Ministry of Higher Education from which they will be seconded .

Optimistic about their operating budget of one million dirhams per year, which is considered manageable, the minister nevertheless emphasizes the difficulty of mobilizing and financing the necessary budget items.

The 4 new entities will be under the temporary supervision of teachers of the Tetouan School

This is why, according to him, the 4 schools, before functioning normally, will be under technical supervision for at least a year by the teachers of the school of fine arts of Tetouan.

Knowing that every year thousands of students apply to enter the school of Tetouan and that only about forty are selected, the new openings will allow to multiply the generations of artists throughout the territory with education that sticks to the market.

“Our current priorities are therefore to determine the necessary budget items and to know whether the infrastructure that will house the schools of Rabat, Agadir, Oujda and Marrakech has to be installed in existing buildings to start the activity or to be built multi-year .

‘The reaction of the labor market will determine whether Morocco needs one school per region’

Depending on the popular interest that will be generated in the 6 schools, Bensaïd added that in the medium term, without giving a deadline, his department will study the possibilities of expanding them to the 12 regions.

“In reality, the importance of the labor market will determine whether it is wise to expand this type of arts education institution to all 12 regions. It will depend on the professional opportunities offered by the training that we will be able to decide”, concludes Bensaïd for whom the reaction of the labor market will be decisive whether to continue or not.

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