Valence’s LR mayor denies Charlie Hebdo information about the sale of land to a radical Islamic school

Mayor Nicolas Daragon’s response:

After the publication of our article, the mayor of Valence, Nicolas Daragon, wanted to respond. About the Charlie Hebdo article, from which we got our first information, “everything is falsehe declared.The school was founded in 2012 without any opposition. She settled in the mosque and reached 80 students. It is audited every year by the National Education and the reports are all positive.he explained.

Indeed, the LR mayor of Valence, based on these official reports, made sure that no religious education was given and that the wearing of the veil for schoolgirls was banned. “As early as 2020, the school asked for a contract”, Nicolas Daragon indicated. So, “all statuses have changed and the school is no longer called IQRA but Values ​​and Achievements“.

A sales agreement to keep control

In selling the land, the elected official is still very critical of information from Charlie Hebdo. “The leaders came to visit me to acquire properties (…) they told me about this land right next to the mosque and I agreed to sell them under conditions: I want the association’s financial resources to come from France and Europe and that the donors are known, I demand the audit of an auditor, the passage under contract and that there is no more than one class per level so as not to vampire the other schools in the areaNicolas Daragon confirmed.

By acting in this way, Nicolas Daragon believes that he “sprayed this association” to control his actions, within the limits of what his municipal prerogatives allow. He also wants to make “Values ​​and Successes” leave a place of worship. Finally, after the publication of Charlie Hebdo, Nicolas Daragon again questioned the Prefect of the Drôme .”If the state says no, I’ll stop everything‘ he concluded.

As for Imam Abdalah Dliouah, who is accused of being a radical associative metronome, “he left at the end of 2017, it’s been 5 years since i saw him in valencia“.

Original message:

But Charlie Hebdo otherwise decided. Last Thursday, the satirical newspaper revealed that the LR mayor of Valence (Drôme), Nicolas Daragon, had voted for the sale of municipal land to the association “Values ​​and successes” for an amount of 500,000 euros. A deliberation approved by the LR majority and the LFI opposition during the last city council.

This association has been running a non-contract Islamic school called IQRA since 2012. His lessons are being given for the time being in the mosque of Valence. “Provisional”, because with this land purchase, “Values ​​​​​​and Successes” wants to expand its institution by even establishing a college.

Only local elected officials, macronists, socialists or ecologists opposed the project or asked for more information, as IQRA teachers are not required to follow the national school curriculum. In addition, information from Charlie Hebdo would indicate that the school would be co-financed by movements close to the Muslim Brotherhood.

The most surprising thing about this affair is that the land purchase has been given the blessing of Mayor Nicolas Daragon, also Vice President of the Auvergne-Rhône region and thus a follower of Laurent Wauquiez, who we know is very fond of this kind of subjects. The municipal councilor Les Républicains explained that the extension of the IQRA buildings would make it possible to bring the school into the contracts of the National Education, although no request in this direction has been made to the rector of the academy.

While there is fear in Valence of the expansion of an associative network very much focused on a strict Islam, the RN group at the Regional Council confirms that the Prefect of Drôme “opposed the decision of the town hall, but will not be able to legally stop the sale of the land“.

It is surprising that Nicolas Daragon, Laurent Wauquiez’s vice president at the region, makes such a decision while many questions remain about the true nature of this school.‘ concludes the extreme group.

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