Spotify from Web3 chooses Algorand (ALGO)!

Algorand (ALGO) is not the most featured project in the top 100 best cryptocurrencies conducted by Coinmarketcap. However, this project, created by Silvio Micali professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – the prestigious MIT, has everything to succeed. A look back at one of the blockchain’s flagship projects and a new implementation that perfectly illustrates its regular and sustainable development.

While the foolish look to the Dogelon March or twitter trends to choose their investments, the wise look algorithm. This project also attracts serious institutions as Algorand is approached for the construction of CBDCs, cryptocurrency issued by central banks and countries. It is therefore in the major leagues that Algorand decides to play. Otherwise, algorithm is a blockchain without CO2 emissions. Which is partly possible thanks to the operation in pure Proof of Stake. A weighty argument at a time when the Bitcoin (BTC) risks being sacrificed on the altar of sustainable development.

Recently, the arrival of a project in the ecosystem algorithm attracted the attention of the most attentive investors. It’s Napster, the Web3 project that aims to put music back at the center of streaming platforms and give artists a prominent place. You could say it’s Web3’s Spotify. Why is this good news for? algorithm ?

Napster, Web3’s Spotify?

Because projects like Napster exist on different platforms. Or rather, different ecosystems make it possible to build music streaming applications. But algorithm seems to be the only way to really bring such a project to life. With the cost of transaction virtually non-existent and to a solid and scalable infrastructure.

A project like Napster on the blockchain algorithm confirms the superiority of this network over its competitors. And this is a very positive signal, at the beginning of the great Web3 revolution. Because even now it is difficult to say which blockchain or which ecosystem will emerge as the big winner from decentralization. And such a win would necessarily result in a significant impact on the price of the cryptocurrency from Algorand (ALGO).

Algorand (ALGO) Technical Analysis and Forecast for 2022

Because since its launch, we can at least say that the stars have not watched over the cradle of the algorand (ALGO). With an ICO — first coin offer — at $2.16 on June 25, 2019, there were only a handful of days when the corner favored. A violent and ongoing fall followed this ICO, until the algorithm angleloses 96% of its value. Just under a year after launch, it gained support at $0.11.

But he still wasn’t dead. It is the long-term investors who are carrying this project. They have faith in the success from Algorand . Partly for this reason, the price subsequently recovered 1.878% of its value, only to briefly exceed the ICO price. This rapid comeback happened during the 2021 bull run. But like the rest of the market, algorithmdid not survive the winter cryptocurrency .

  • After a marked ATH on September 8, 2021 at $2.57, algorithm decreased by 87%.
  • It found new support around $0.30 on June 18, 2022.
  • Today July 23, 2022 it moves at $0.33
  • algorithm stays at 651% HUD. Definitely winter cryptocurrencyoffers striking buying opportunities!

Although technical analysis presents it as shitcoin, algorand is a solid project. Proven by the many applications that choose to launch this ecosystem. If it’s under the radar for now, the arrival of a dominant application could be a game-changer. And propel the price to its former highs. Which would be the case if Napster were validated as Web3’s Spotify.

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