Loire Atlantic Ocean. This farm that cultivates direct sales receives an award

Jérémy Colou and Alicia Terrien-Lambert, two of the seven partners (4th and 5th from left) at the awards ceremony. ©Hebdo de Sevre et Maine

The prize was awarded last month in Thouaré-sur-Loire. Gaec de la Divattelocated in two locations, Landemont and La Boissiere-du-Dorereceived the award of the first Agricultural Dynamics Prize.

Organized by Banque Populaire for over 25 years, the prize highlights innovative farms.

Added value

Recognized for its diversity of production, De Gaec was awarded in the “Promotion, innovation and technical know-how” category, an award that rewards farmers who add value to their products.

At the Gaec de la Divatte, the added value dimension is part of the farm’s history.

For years the operation that counts today seven partners cultivates direct sales.

Since its foundation in 1982 on the Landemont site, the dairy farm has integrated sales in short circuit.

Three sales stores

Forty years later, the farm has three outlets. The first is on the historic site of the farm, in La Braudière in Landemont.

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The two processing laboratories are also located at this location: meat and dairy products.

A second outlet was opened in 2016 under the franchise “La ferme de chez nous”, in Mouzillon, together with four local producers and ten winegrowers.

The third point of sale is in Basse-Goulaine. de Gaec has joined the Jardin de Launay, created by the horticultural brothers Richard.

480 hectares of cultivation

The company with ten employees and two trainees sells its products through the various stores. On 480 ha, Gaec de la Divatte cultivates 250 ha of cereals between Boissière-du-Doré, Landemont and Vallet. It is also involved in the production of pigs, beef, horticulture and dairy farming.

“The original idea, which is still valid, is to market everything we can produce and vice versa,” explains Jérémy Colou.

The young farmer, mainly responsible for pig production, has just replaced Dominique Bouchereau, one of the retired partners.

Cows and pigs fed with grain from the farm

The farm has about a hundred suckler cows220 pigs for fattening bred on straw and mainly fed with cereals from the farm.

The Gaec de la Divatte also produces 1.2 million liters of milk, of which 120,000 liters are processed on site to supply the range of dairy products at the points of sale.

A sector in development because the farm strives to make their own cheeses.

For example, De Gaec has just released a new pasture-style raw milk tomme called “Père Joseph” in tribute to the grandfather, the creator of the farm.

Like the charcuterie platters, special raclette, which sell like hotcakes from the fall, the cheese offering needs to “diversify,” says Alicia Terrien-Lambert, a farm partner who also makes a box of his homemade burgers.

Other projects

In this wide range of activities, only horticultural production (16 ha of land reserved for growing vegetables; radishes, turnips, cabbage, parsnips, etc.) is not part of direct sales. The vegetables are marketed via a platform.

The exploitation in continuous reflection on its development has a new project in the makingwith the construction of a reception hall in 2023 in Landemont.

The new rental tool will once again be a showcase for agricultural products whose next major challenge will be transmission.

Four retirements are planned over the next five years. The challenge for the Gaec with its diverse and varied activities will be to welcome a new generation of young employees.

The project is already on the table.

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