Play like Mbappé with Sorare Play-To-Earn games to earn crypto and NFT!

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Play-To-Earn games, or P2E, are video games aimed at acquiring cryptocurrencies and NFTs. Very often the users buy items that are made in the game rather than in the game itself. These can be characters, weapons, features, etc. assets that players can buy and sell in a marketplace to generate profits. These games are so appealing that Sorare, one of the most popular, has teamed up with Kylian Mbappé.

The concept of P2E games is not new, but the fact that they are now based on the use of blockchain technology has given them a lot of visibility. Thus, P2Es make it possible to earn both cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

A major advantage of these games is that they can generate income even when the cryptocurrency markets are low. This is because players earn rewards regardless of the market trend or sentiment.

Rewards earned in cryptocurrency or NFT can be immediately resold on a marketplace and converted to fiat currency or stablecoins to prevent market volatility from affecting your profits.

The P2E gaming industry is growing rapidly and is now attracting world-renowned stars for partnerships. The most illustrious case is that of Sorare introducing PSG star Kylian Mbappé as an investor and ambassador of the game. More recently, Zinedine Zidane signed with the brand.

Sorare is a Fantasy Football game based on the Ethereum blockchain. Players collect NFTs depicting real professional football players. Depending on performance during matches, digital cards may increase in value and be resold in the marketplace.

After the arrival of the French celebrity as ambassador, NFT sales on Sorare increased by 795% in the span of 24 hours!

In general, a Play-To-Earn game is about developing characters, leveling them up, and completing missions and challenges. Players earn money by charging other players for the use of their properties or by participating in tournaments.

Some cryptocurrency games also include staking, where players can lock certain tokens for returns and other prizes to buy more in-game stuff.

Axie Infinity was one of the most popular games in this market, reaching $1.3 billion in revenue in 2021. The Ethereum-based game was played daily by 2.7 million users at the peak of the market in November 2021.

The Smooth Love Potion (SLP) cryptocurrency used in Axie Infinity serves as both in-game money and breeding resources for creatures called Axies. Among the challenges of the game are creature battles that allow players to earn SLP tokens, which players can trade for other cryptos, or use them to maintain their creatures. Nevertheless, the governance token of the Axie Infinity project is the AXS.

Axie Infinity also makes it possible to invest in digital lots that can be resold at a profit as demand for these NFTs increases.

Today, many gamers are starting to earn more money from playing P2E games than from day-to-day work. This is the case of the Filipino player RK Secretario, who has completely immersed himself in the world of Axies. He now earns almost twice as much money playing an hour a day as he did his old job in animal feed sales, or about $1,775 a month (100,000 Philippine pesos).

Like Axie Infinity, Decentraland also generates revenue, although its immense success has pushed the price of its NFTs up. In this game, players or investors earn money by buying plots of land and selling or renting it to other players.

Many brands compete for lots on Decentraland, which has become a veritable ecosystem where concerts, parades, games and many other revenue-generating activities take place.

Move-To-Earn (M2E) is an original concept that aims to encourage users of an application to play sports to earn cryptocurrencies or NFTs. Due to the potential of this idea and the desire of people to stay healthy, it is possible that the M2E market will rise sharply in the coming years.

Today’s flagship M2E application is StepN, whose tokénomics are based on the Solana blockchain. Like the augmented reality game Pokémon Go, StepN forces users to move to reward them. For example, daily walkers are offered Green Satoshi Token (GST) tokens, while the project’s governance token is called GMT.

The concept is simple. You buy NFT shoes that are used to track your movements. And the more you practice, the more your NFT increases in value due to its increasing properties, and the more GST tokens you earn as a reward.

To play Move-To-Earn and monetize, take advantage of GMT, AXS or ETH tokens with €20 on offer on LiteBit.

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