Maisons-Laffitte. Extension of the Ermitage school: the building permit rejected!

The new building will be located directly opposite the houses on the Montesquieulaan, in the Maisons-Laffitte park (Yvelines), with a strong impact on the privacy of local residents.

It’s a project that gets people talking. The extension of the Ermitage school to 46, Avenue Eglé planned to create two new buildings in the current schoolyard.

For the Laffite Education group, which owns the school, the goal is to: simplify management from school. The kindergarten classes would be diverted to another site, which would accommodate the primary school (currently Avenue Eglé and which would remain there), the secondary school and the students of the “IB programs”.

City refuses building permit

Not quite convinced by the project yet, at the last city council meeting, Mayor Jacques Myard has just refused the building permit, on July 19.

“When I saw the project, I wanted it to be adapted in a few ways,” he explained when he heard about this project.

In the decision to reject the building permit, the alderman adds:

“In the context of a new submission of the file, it will be necessary to check beforehand whether it complies with the provisions of the UH zone of the Local Plan for Urban Development. »

Jacques Myard

“The proposed project is likely to be modified if: »states Serge Godaert, deputy mayor for urban planning in the city council on 27 June.

So the structure would go from 15 to 35 classes, ie from 300 to 700 students and include 60 m facade on Avenue Montesquieu, 20 m deep, 11 m high on 3 levels and approximately 800 m² footprint.

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“The first thing shock is its massive and imposing side ”, notes the president of the Union of the Park (ASP), François Lejealle, in a letter to residents.

It is up to the applicant to propose a new project that is also in line with the population of the park, who are very concerned about this expansion project.

A difference in treatment

[Note aux lecteurs : au moment de l’échange, les habitants rencontrés ne savaient pas que le premier permis de construire serait rejeté]. The residents, for their part, first of all complain about a lack of consultation and communication. “We only learned about it on June 23 at a meeting of the Hermitage when it had been in the pipeline for 2 years, we were told,” said Jean-Marc, who lives on avenue Montesquieu.

“We can talk about surprise explains Isabelle, who also lives on the street.

What appeals to local residents near the park is the difference in treatment between individuals and property developers in an area deemed to be protected.

“We are subject to draconian standards and next door they are going to build a building on 3 levels,” protests Thierry.

ThierryInhabitant of Avenue Montesquieu

Especially from an architectural point of view, the mutilation of the park is a major concern. “I thought the park was immutable,” continues Jean-Marc. “We bought here, we are a bit privileged, but we were also told that everything was well kept ‘ Isabelle added.

According to them, the project does not fit in with the construction policy of the park.

The project plans to build an 11-meter building behind this fence.
The project plans to build an 11-meter building behind this fence. (©78nieuws)

A clogged circulation

The main concern also relates to the increase in the traffic flow. The street, narrow and one-way, will have to accommodate cars of almost 35 classes every morning. In illegal parking, the tracks are completely paralyzed.

This traffic is also a source of noise pollution.

“We are already experiencing nuisance, but this will multiply. »


The residents of the avenue Montesquieu are also very concerned about the view and their privacy, as the two buildings will be turned towards their homes with high corridors that create a live images in their properties.

“We will no longer be able to be quiet in our garden or open the windows,” Thierry notes.

Not to mention the work that must take two yearswould be done in the evenings after school and on weekends.

“I’m sorry when power of the “historic” Hermitage had to be integrated into the Park”, defends François Lejealle in his letter.

A petition* has also been launched by the residents, supported by the ASP, and has so far collected 600 signatures.

*The online petition:

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