How do you write a cover letter for an internship?

When applying for an internship, the motivation letter remains of great importance. It is important to pay particular attention to its drafting. Business Cool gives you all the secrets to succeed and get the internship of your dreams.

Searching for an internship is a mandatory step for students in Grande Ecole or at the university. To stand out, it is necessary to meet certain requirements when: writing the cover letter. Keep in mind that the cover letter and resume are the first contact with the employer to keep the odds on your side. It is therefore an exercise not to be taken lightly.

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Application letter for an internship: the rules to follow

To succeed in your cover letter and get the internship of your dreams, you need to follow certain ground rules:

  • Please include your personal information (surname, first name, contact details, etc.).
  • Contact the target company and the concerned department (usually the Human Resources department).
  • Don’t forget to include a subject for the cover letter: this is the first thing the recruiter sees when they receive your letter.
  • End your cover letter with a greeting and a maintenance request.

In addition, we recommend that you do not use more than one page for your cover letter. Strictness and precision should be your passwords. Another important point: do not hesitate to learn more about the company, its operation, its nature and its missions. The recruiter will see that you have a genuine interest in the company. You can complete it by mentioning the proposed missions in the internship offer or the qualities you want.

Finally, it is absolutely necessary to reconnect. Attention to grammar and presentation is essential. If you miss a few mistakes in your cover letter, you risk losing all credibility in the recruiter’s eyes and seeing the internship offer pass you by.

Our recommendations for a successful internship cover letter:

  • Learn about the company, its founding date, its mission and its values. You can also dive into his social networks to learn more about his culture.
  • Take care of your e-reputation and make your social networks private, such as Instagram or Facebook.
  • Refer to your soft skills: if you have no inspiration, ask your relatives or your teachers, they will be able to define you well.
  • List your technical skills.

The steps to follow to write a cover letter for an internship application

The cover letter for an internship should be structured in several parts:

  • First paragraph : Present the subject of this cover letter and reference your professional project.
  • Second paragraph : State the reasons why you want to do an internship with the company. This is an opportunity to state in your cover letter your interest in him and your involvement in his industry. Do not hesitate to talk about your past experiences and the different skills acquired in connection with the assignments assigned during the internship.
  • third paragraph : In this part you need to know how to confirm and sell yourself. If you are applying for an internship, you most likely have little experience. You can still promote your associative or school experiences.
  • fourth paragraph : illustration of your soft skills and the different qualities you have developed during your experiences.
  • Last paragraph : This part isn’t really a paragraph, but more of an opportunity to make it clear to your recruiter that you are at their disposal. It just comes before the polite formula.

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Examples of an application letter for an internship

Example 1

First and last name
Mobile phone
E-mail address

Recruiter department or name
Company postal address

Subject: Internship request “function + company”


I am currently in EDUCATION Bee SCHOOL/UNIVERSITY and I am looking for an internship for a period of DURATION to start with DATE.

It is therefore only natural that I turned to your company whose activities interest me and perfectly match my professional project. I would like to be part of your team and develop my knowledge, but also use all the skills I have acquired during my studies, such as SKILL 1 or SKILL 2.

Rigorous, versatile and determined, I would like to put my experience to good use EXPERIENCE help develop SERVICE OF THE COMPANY YOU WORK FOR.

Thank you for your attention and I remain at your disposal for any interview.

Awaiting your reply, please accept, ma’am, sir, the expression of my deepest respect.


Example 2

First and last name
Mobile phone
E-mail address

Recruiter department or name
Company postal address

Object : application for the internship “function + company”


I am free to contact you in the context of my search for an internship as: FUNCTION for a period of DURATION month from DATE within your prestigious company. Indeed, it is recognized for its expertise and seriousness, on a global scale, supporting many clients such as: CUSTOMER. An internship with your teams would be the perfect opportunity for me to improve my skills and refine my professional project.

Currently in EDUCATION Bee BRANCHI am looking for an internship, to develop my skills and knowledge in the BUSINESS SECTOR. I previously had the opportunity to do a first internship at COMPANY to the extent that FUNCTION, in which I have shown great autonomy. I also developed my sense of organization and initiative. I occasionally have the world of ACTIVITIES AREA and got the chance to work on many projects, for example EXAMPLE 1 + RESULT.

the ACTIVITIES AREA is a central element in my professional project, I am convinced that your company can bring me important knowledge. I also think I will be an asset in launching several of your recent projects, in particular, EXAMPLE.

Thank you, Madam, Sir, for your attention to my application and send you my most distinguished greetings.


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