Bitpanda: Launch of Thematic Crypto Indexes

Bitpanda has added new Crypto indices to its digital investment platform, targeting four key trending areas: Metaverse, Infrastructure, Smart Contracts and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

  • Bitpanda’s Crypto Indices allow investors to buy multiple assets based on an underlying idea they believe in, without the need to constantly review and rebalance their portfolios manually.
  • Crypto indices are rebalanced monthly based on market size and liquidity, while the underlying assets are bought directly from Bitpanda and held for added security.

bitpanda, the leading European digital investment platform, has launched new thematic indices Bitpanda Crypto Indices (BCI), a simple and automated way for anyone interested in investing in different segments of the cryptocurrency world.

The complexity of the cryptocurrency market prompted Bitpanda to launch its Bitpanda Crypto Indices in 2020 for those interested in a hands-off approach to cryptocurrency investment. Fintech crypto indices enable experienced investors and new investors to build a diverse crypto portfolio without having to do their own due diligence on specific crypto projects. Initially, Bitpanda launched three different Crypto Index products – the BCI5, BCI10 and BCI25 – which automatically invest in the top 5, 10 or 25 cryptocurrencies based on their popularity as measured by market size and liquidity. By popular request, Bitpanda has expanded the existing offer. The new crypto indices offer investors the opportunity to invest in crypto projects in the fields of metaverses, infrastructure, smart contracts and decentralized finance (DeFi) and allow them to track the biggest and fastest trends of the crypto market.

ERIC DEMUTHco-founder and CEO of Bitpanda, said: “We launched Bitpanda Crypto Indices as a game-changer for anyone interested in crypto, especially new investors who didn’t know where to start building their crypto portfolios. ETFs tracking the world’s largest markets are already growing. years in popularity, but there was no easy way to do the same with crypto.With the Bitpanda Crypto Indexes, we offered our clients the opportunity to get in touch with the crypto market and start investing in crypto.No hassle, no constant looking for new cryptocurrency projects, just an easy way for everyone to diversify their portfolios.”

Diversified portfolios and total control

New crypto indices allow investors to buy multiple assets in an emerging area they are passionate about without having to constantly review and manually rebalance their portfolios. To be more specific, the four indices will give investors access to:

  • Infrastructure leaders – to support decentralized programs designed to perform specific tasks;
  • The leaders of the metaverse – related to games and social networks;
  • Leaders in Smart Contract – to support blockchain protocols that enable the hosting of applications developed by the company itself or by third parties.
  • DeFi Leaders – related to financial services built on decentralized networks with no central intermediary.

The crypto projects in each “basket” are chosen based on the main theme and balanced based on market cap. Each month, the indices are automatically rebalanced in line with market developments, based on calculations and assessments performed by Market Vector Indexes GmbH, the indices division of leading asset manager VanEck.

Combine them with savings plans to never miss them again

Bitpanda users can buy, sell or trade the new Crypto Indices like any other digital asset on the platform, with just one click, easy and secure. Majority of investors who already own Bitpanda Crypto Indices are combining them with a savings plan, allowing them to schedule automated asset purchases on a recurring basis. Once a savings plan is created, it automatically buys at a fixed time of your choosing, taking advantage of the cost averaging effect with maximum flexibility.

One platform for all investments

Bitpanda started in 2014 as a cryptocurrency company with Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer as co-founders. Since then, the company has grown to become the leading investment platform in Europe, regularly approaching 4 million investors in various markets. New investors can open a free Bitpanda account and start investing in a wide variety of digital assets in minutes – from cryptocurrencies to precious metals to actions and commission-free Bitpanda ETFs. Depending on their budget and risk appetite, they can start from as little as 1 euro, while the platform is available 24/7, even outside traditional trading hours.

This text is a press release. Do your own research and only invest the money you can afford to lose.

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