What are the jobs of the future?

Jobs of the future in France

Given the changes expected in our society in the coming years (ecology, economy, geopolitics, etc.), the world of work will have to evolve, jobs that pay well today will not be the same tomorrow. Hence the importance of looking seriously at the question when it comes to orientation, entry into professional life or professional reorientation.

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cloud computing

We qualify as cloud computing providing IT services such as: servers, storage, databases, network management, software, analysis tools or even artificial intelligence… And this via the internet or rather the clouds let it happen.

the cloud computingKnown for its advanced engineering and usability, , aims to provide faster innovation, flexible resources and economies of scale. After all, it is flexible in function of the needs of each company and the use that will be made of it in the long term.

Here are some jobs of the future in the cloud computing :

  • FinOps expert
  • DevSecOps
  • Green IT Evangelist
  • Cloud platform engineer
  • cloud advice
  • DevOps manager
  • Development Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • cloud manager
  • cloud project manager

Big data and artificial intelligence

We often talk about big data, but do we really know what it is? We could qualify big data as being composed of complex data sets, essentially coming from many sources. These data sets are unique because they are so large that traditional data processing software simply cannot handle them. It is therefore the entire system that has to be redesigned and adapted to these new amounts of data.

Artificial intelligence, on the other hand, consists of implementing a number of techniques aimed at enabling machines to imitate some form of real intelligence. It facilitates the proper functioning of companies and automates a number of processes.

Below you will find the list of jobs of the future in the big data and artificial intelligence sector:

  • Integrative developer
  • Project manager Big Data/Artificial Intelligence
  • Architect
  • Big data expert/advisor
  • Artificial intelligence expert/advisor
  • Analytics Expert / Consultant
  • data analyst
  • Data engineer/Data scientist
  • business intelligence analyst

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Many jobs of the future will undeniably be shaped in the field of cybersecurity. It is a reality in France, for several years now, companies have needed specialists dedicated to cybersecurity, but candidates are scarce. It is also for this reason that Microsoft has established its own school dedicated to this subject.

Indeed, security and data protection are major issues for all businesses that collect and use sensitive data. So it is likely that more and more job opportunities related to this topic will be offered in the coming years:

  • Cyber ​​security advisor
  • Project manager security
  • Security Architect
  • Security Administrator
  • Sales Engineer
  • Security Engineer
  • cybersecurity analyst

E-commerce and online sales

More and more present, especially via Instagram, e-commerce and online sales in abundance on our social networks. Let anyone who hasn’t already been tempted by a little window shopping on Instagram or Facebook throw the first stone!

To this end, it is important to emphasize that the cheaper business model of online selling makes entrepreneurship particularly interesting in this universe and many are starting, like i MAKE. In this context of changes, many vacancies will be filled in the coming years:

  • Customer Service Officer
  • Business Development Officer
  • Partnership Officer
  • Purchasing sourcing manager
  • Logistics Manager
  • Web designer, UX/UA designer
  • web developer
  • Commercial Director
  • Strategy director
  • ecommerce advisor

Digital marketing and content creation

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube… Content creation posts have never been more popular than in years past! And if this branch of marketing has been highlighted for a long time, it is no longer relevant, judging by the growing demand from companies.

In general, it is important to know that transactions related to marketing are in full evolution. And it is in this context that we have compiled the list of professions of the future (non-exhaustive) in the sector, those that will recruit in the coming years:

  • Growth Marketing Manager
  • Expert / advisor in digital marketing
  • SEO manager
  • Community manager
  • traffic manager
  • CRM manager
  • UX/UA Designer
  • digital advisor
  • Marketing Director
  • web editor
  • content manager

Product development

Product development corresponds to all actions that enable you to market the service or product you have in mind and make it available to all your customers. Are you interested ? Here are the names of professions to be researched and to be recruited in the coming years:

  • Product owner
  • Product Analyst:
  • Scrum master / Agile coach
  • quality manager
  • Product manager
  • Project Manager

IT development

Have you ever heard of code, IT or? full stack development ? If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Here is the list of the most popular IT development professions just for you:

  • Python, Javascript, DotNet Developer
  • Engineer
  • Full stack developer
  • IT project manager
  • Automation Strategist

Human Resources Management

With the constant changes in our society in terms of human relations, economic situation or laws related to the world of work, HR departments will have to cope with their work in the coming years. Here is the list of jobs of the future in HR:

  • recruiting officer
  • IT recruiter
  • sourcing employee
  • Data Protection Officer
  • HR data analyst
  • diversity manager
  • Talent Development Manager
  • headhunter
  • Operational HR Manager
  • Chief Happiness Officer
  • HR Marketing Manager
  • CSR manager

Jobs of the future: Top 15 most sought-after skills in companies by 2025

Now that we know the professions of the future and the hard skills that companies are looking for, it can be interesting to look at the soft skills that are expected in the coming years. What qualities do companies expect from future employees? What are the keywords that need to be brought up in the interview to stand out? To help you out, here’s the forecast ranking of the most in-demand skills by companies by 2030, according to The Future of Jobs report:

  1. Innovation capacity
  2. Proactivity and autonomous training
  3. Complex troubleshooting
  4. Critical and Analytical Mind
  5. Creativity, originality and initiative
  6. Leadership and Social Influence
  7. Use of new technologies, monitoring and maintenance
  8. Technology Design and Programming
  9. Resilience, stress tolerance and flexibility
  10. Reasoning, problem solving and idea generation
  11. Emotional intelligence
  12. UX analysis and failure diagnosis development
  13. Ability to be service oriented (anticipating, recognizing and satisfying stakeholder needs)
  14. System analysis and evaluation
  15. Persuasion and negotiation

Jobs of the future: when professions evolve with candidate expectations

It is also good to know that the expectations of candidates are no longer the same as in previous years. After all, the new generations no longer have the same selection criteria as their older ones and this is reflected in the recruitment. Work flexibility, work-life balance and commitment are core values ​​for new generations, according to a Randstad survey.

So you will have understood correctly, the lights are on green when it comes to creating positions in the coming years. Our society is changing and yesterday’s challenges will not be the same as tomorrow’s. So it is to your advantage to take into account the expectations of companies!

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