“The eighth edition of the annual association forum Trampoleen: Proptech made in France was a great success”, Stéphane Scarella

The association Trampoleen: Proptech made in France, formerly called FF2I, was organized on 7 and 8 July in the premises of La Boite Immo, the now traditional annual forum. The ability to bring members together and inventory the latest trends. Stéphane Scarella, the chairman, takes stock of the event.

JDA: How did the two days of the annual forum go?

Stephane Scarella: The event brought together 76 participants who met for two days, in Hyères, in the premises of La Boite Immo, who were kind enough to welcome us for the second consecutive year. The latter were able to participate in roundtable discussions, startup pitches, debates on a number of topics and of course share moments of conviviality. Today there is little momentum like this where Proptech and innovation can come together within the framework of an association without taboos or barriers.

JDA: What were the highlights of the event and what conclusions can you draw from that?

SS : This forum is an opportunity every year to bring our members together and ask ourselves to take stock of the past season, the main trends and new models we have seen in recent months. One of the strengths of this eighth edition has been the quality of the cast that we have managed to bring together on the forum and who have enjoyed participating: bosses of the Proptech ecosystem, whether they are the CEOs of portals like Bien’ ici, Figaro Immo, SeLoger, leboncoin, as well as investment funds and software publishers such as DL Software, ICS, La Boite Immo and Septeo.
The second strong element was the quality of the content and the beautiful themes presented in the framework of the conferences which were masterfully executed by the administrators. Finally, the third highlight was the chemistry created between the big players in Proptech and the startups that came to pitch. This new album was a real success.

JDA: What are the next dates for Trampoleen?

SS : We will continue our innovation afterworks that take place every two months and which will provide an opportunity to pitch 4 startups and create networking conditions to facilitate contacts with industrialists and investors. The next edition should take place in the fall. At the end of September we will also organize a Learning Expedition in Morocco around an event called Immotech that is organized by Mubawab, a Moroccan real estate portal. We also want to resume our study trips that were canceled due to the health crisis. The last one was hosted in Japan in 2019. The destination has yet to be determined, but the next trip should probably be in March 2023 and is intended to meet Proptech from abroad.


The point of view of Olivier Bugette, manager of the Trampoleen: Proptech made in France association and president of La Boite Immo, which organized the event in its premises.

“The annual forum is an event that we look forward to all year round because it’s kind of the pinnacle of our organization. As director it is a great pride and honor to welcome all Proptech players to the premises of La Boite Immo. Just like last year, the results of this new edition are very positive. There were many exchanges, nice meetings and business cards handed out. The participants attended high-quality conferences with speakers highly specialized in their fields who were able to express themselves and raise topics that directly affect us in our daily lives. All the protagonists were also delighted to share moments of conviviality. »

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A look back at what was said at the five roundtables organized for the occasion:

  • “The metaverse and real estate: real trend or phenomenon? »

“For several months now, the metaverse has been the new big real estate fantasy. The conference made it possible to deconstruct its evangelism, raise the stakes, and fully understand what the metaverse really is. Obviously, like the blockchain some time ago, everyone is talking about it without really knowing what it is. This round table therefore made it possible to ask yourself what the possible real estate trajectories in this area are and what the role of brokers can be. If strong initiatives have already been taken today, no one can imagine how far the metaverse will be able to go”, summarizes Stéphane Scarella, president of Trampoleen: Proptech made in France.

  • State of the Financing Market for Proptech Startups with NCI and Anaxago »

“While Proptech is still fully benefiting from funding from investment funds, we are still starting to see the arrival of some weak signals that, if not a slowdown, will at least give a boost. Certainly, compared to other sectors such as Fintech, Proptech would still must have good years ahead of it, but it will also have to adapt to a new era.The time when the presentation of three slides made it possible to raise several million euros is indeed over.Investment funds are now more cautious, pay attention and look closely at projects, management and sustainability of business models.It is more complicated, but it can also be healthier this way”, analyzes Stéphane Scarella.

  • “A cross-section of real estate software giants with DL Software, Septeo, La Boite Immo and Salvia”

“This roundtable highlighted not only the fact that we can be competitors, while having a polite and healthy relationship, but also the fact that models have evolved tremendously and players in the software market are taking options and directions that are not always identical. now very clearly an exception to all those now in the hands of financing funds, who have indeed been very active in recent years by moving their pawns forward and taking many positions”, emphasizes Olivier Bugette, president of La Boite Immo .

  • “International, new playground for startups”

“The aim of this roundtable was to question the reasons why startups wanted to go international and for which realities ultimately. Startups like PriceHubble, Papernest or Masteos came to testify for the occasion. Obviously, investment funds often push startups to go international after a few months, but is it always wise? Is the goal to increase the valuation of the start-up? The conference showed us that going abroad is not necessarily easy and should in no way be considered the holy grail. Startups must first thoroughly study the country, go there with local players and, above all, check whether the concept can be duplicated elsewhere. There must be a meeting between a promise of value and the expectations of the local market. Faced with such complexity, the start-up has to go there for very good reasons and not just because shareholder funds are pushing it,” notes Stéphane Scarella.

  • “Priority innovations in new construction”

“The new home market is currently going through a somewhat more complicated time, due to a difficult market context, in particular with financing difficulties, the scarcity of land, the numerous legal regulations to which it is subject, the length of sales cycles or the need to build at a lower cost. Despite all these difficulties, it is a sector that has to innovate massively because innovation will be decisive in the coming years. So building a building in 3, 5 or 10 years will be completely different and still set new standards”, concludes the president of Trampoleen: Proptech made in France.

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